Thursday, January 17, 2008

Incompetence thy name is George W. Bush

Ben "Helicopter Ben" Bernanke has outdone himself. He has jumped his own shark. Less than 2 months after doing the right thing and ignoring calls for a 50 cut, he has now folded like a cheap suit. He will cut 50 next week and now he says a further inflation inducing stimulus package is A-OK by him. So far so bad. Here is where it gets the worst:

One of the plans being hatched up by Jorge W. Arbusto and Humberto Reid is a plan to get people to buy homes with incentives, tax rebates, etc. I had to check the date as I could have sworn I was transported back to 2001.

This is the logic used by he Idiot in Chief: We have a housing crash. The housing crash has caused a recession. The housing crash was caused by a housing bubble which was caused by reckless lending to people who shouldn't have bought a house. So we will fix it all by encouraging people to once again buy houses they can' t afford. And we'll get my hack appointee Benny "Helicopter Ben" Bernanke to set it all up. Benny B is a disciple of Alan Greenspan, the guy who started the whole mess back in 2001.

It used to be that I'd hear people call Jorge W. Arbusto the worst ever and dismissed them as cranky liberals still bitter over 2000. But today, given his behavior, I must say, liberals you were right and you were ahead of the curve. This man is simply deranged. When he gave speeches and sounded like an escaped mental patient I defended him saying his couldn't speak well that's all. Now I realize he does indeed have the faculties of an escaped mental apologies to mental patients for the comparison.

Jorge W. Arbusto has destroyed the Republican party and has done some serious damage to the conservative movement. He is the anti-Reagan. The only American benefiting from his stay in office is Jimmy Carter. Jimmy will never again be thought of as a disaster. Future historians will think man, Carter fucked up, but at least he didn't pull any Bushes while in office.

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