Friday, January 25, 2008

Juan McAmnesty

NY Times has endorsed Juan McAmnesty. The most liberal Republican this side of Jorge W. gets endorsed by the most far left fishwrap this side of Pravda. Shocking.

And then I read that Juan McAmnesty's Hispanic outreach director is a former minister in the Mexican government. Not just any minister. The minister responsible for the “Presidential Office for Mexicans Abroad.” In other words, the minister of Illegal Aliens in America del Norte.

If this lying piece of shit ever does become president, he will give Jorge W. a real run at the title of worst ever. Won't matter much though since the country will cease to exist shortly after all 100 million Mexicans move here.

VIVA LA RAZA Senator. And fuck you.


Anonymous said...

Dude that's harsh, even for you. The man was a pow for 6 years. Give him some respect.

Ed said...

OK you're right.

Fuck you Juan and thanks for your military service.