Sunday, January 20, 2008

Then again...

I was a little premature in bitch slapping the Jorge W. Arbusto Election Year Giveaway. Turns out he is supposedly opposed to giving low lives on welfare yet more welfare. And yes anyone receiving the Earned Income Tax Credit is on welfare whether they "work" or not.

Paulson said Bush doesn't support cash for people who don't make enough to pay federal income taxes. The administration also does not back non-tax related ideas, favoring simplicity to ensure a package could be passed and implemented quickly, Paulson said. "We're not looking to decorate a Christmas tree," he said.

Some Democrats were disappointed.Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, D-Mass., said he agrees with Bush that a plan must be approved quickly, but he said it must help working families. "The people who are struggling every day to pay their bills, heat their homes, and pay their mortgages need our help now," Kennedy said. "We must act quickly to provide immediate help for those in crisis."

Hey Teddy K, here's a thought on how to help those who can't afford to pay their mortgage or heat their home: STOP ENCOURAGING THEM TO BUY A HOME THEY CAN'T AFFORD! If they can't afford to even heat their home, they should be in an an apartment where heat costs a fraction of what it costs them now. If they can't afford their mortgage, then default, walk away and go back to the apartment from which you came. Stop asking me to subsidize these people.

Yet instead what Teddy K along with Auntie Hillary, Unlce Barracky and the rest of their pals do is come up with scheme after scheme to encourage home "ownership". It's a brilliant strategy politically for the Dems. The sheep all over the land are convinced that the Democrats care about them. Awww shucks Bobby Sue, Ted Kennedy really cares about us, not like those meanie Republicans who expect us to work for our money. And they become more and more and more dependent on the gubermint for every aspect of their lives. Not only do they now expect - no demand - the gubermint to provide them with free health care, educate their urchins for 12 years, give them a generous pension now they expect the gubermint to pay for their mortgage and heating bills too.

How soon before the BMW or Hummer H2 lease is considered a necessity that the gubermint will subsidize? We can't have Juan and Maria along with their 7 kids roiling up in a beat up Chevy. Imagine what that would do to the self-esteem.

And will the leftists please stop saying the phrase 'working family' to describe the poor? That is another one of these phrases that has been invented by the left. It's no longer illegal alien, it is now undocumented worker. It's no longer, lazy bums who can't hold a job to save their lives and need gubermint handouts, it's now 'working families'. Then what the fuck is my family? I work after all? Ahh I know the difference. I work and I **pay** taxes. It appears that to qualify as a member of the 'working family' club I need to maybe kind sorta work every now and then but **not pay** any taxes. 1984 is becoming more and more of a reality every day.

Is that revolution here yet?

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