Thursday, January 31, 2008

This just In

MSM figures out what I said a week ago. OK, so maybe others have said it too. But come on, it's been a few weeks since the Jorge W. checks were announced. And just now the MSM thinks illegals may get checks too? Boy you guys is slow on the uptake.

In their bipartisan zeal to quickly cut a deal on an economic stimulus bill, GOP lawmakers overlooked something that will certainly inflame the conservative base _ illegal immigrants could receive a tax rebate check from the government.

But late Wednesday, the Senate Finance Committee was scrambling to fix the problem _ contained in the House bill _ by only allowing taxpayers using legitimate Social Security numbers to receive rebates.

The text of the House passed bill contains language making "non resident aliens" _ illegal immigrants _ ineligible for the tax rebates. But every year, hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants use individual taxpayer identification numbers, known as ITINs, to file income tax returns with the IRS. These ID numbers are used instead of Social Security numbers. There are no exact statistics for how many illegal immigrants file tax returns, but this New York Times story from last year details the significant increase in use of ITINs.

Immigration advocates point out that many legal immigrants use ITINs, so it would be impossible to tell who is legal and who is not from those who use these IDs. The Senate version of the bill would prohibit use of ITINs, meaning some legal immigrants would not receive rebates.

Inflame the 'conservative base'? So unemployed liberal union members who vote Democrat in places like Michigan and Ohio like the idea of their tax dollars being handed over to illegals. OK if you say so.

ITINs are used by illegals 99.9% of the time. There is absolutely no reason to use an ITIN other than you don't have a SSN. And the only reason to not have an SSN is you are not in the country legally. For the 0.1% of ITINs issued to legal immigrants, well tough shit, you ain't gettin' no tax refund. And for that 0.1%, there is most likely a back story for why they don't have an SSN too. Most likely to avoid paying SS taxes. So you've received your tax refund 10 times over already.

Aww come on Senators. You are being mean spirited. Don't you know that Juan and Maria are doing jobs Americans won't do? Without them the economy would come to a halt. Frogs would start falling from the sky, or so the NY Times would have me believe. I encourage you in a spirit of bipartisanship to just give Juan and Maria their $1200.

And look guys it's a moot point. By about this time next year when John Rodham McClintobama is settling in to his/her Oval Office chair, amnesty will be a done deal.All the illegals will be magically turned into 1st generation citizens (that voted 15:1 for Clinton in 1996). So give them the money already

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Anonymous said...

You know, one of the dirty little secrets of the illegals that live here, is that they are still collecting food and government handouts WHILE THEY ARE GETTING PAID UNDER THE TABLE. Not sure how many would be getting a check from the government but the whole scenario just makes me ill. C'mon politicians, you know this country is flat broke. Why do we pay people (who don't give a sh** about this country) to live here?