Thursday, January 3, 2008

Uhh Beavis you said CAUCUS

So obviously my predictions were well, off to say the least. Huckabee wins and wins big. So does Obama. I did get the Thompson and Ron Paul numbers right. Ron Paul got 10% and that is great news.

Reagan and Clinton both lost Iowa and came back. So there is hope that Iowans are bad predictors of eventual winners.

I'm still staying with Hillary vs.Rudy. When California, NY, Florida, New Jersey votes Huckabee will be bitch slapped right back to Arkansas where he belongs. And Obama and Edwards will slink back to their status as historical footnote.

Damn I hope my predictions get better cuz either a President Obama or President Huckabee will be unimaginably bad. And yes even worse that a President Hillary.

And once again CNN shows how biased it is. Front page has Obama's picture, a banner about Obama and the results of the Democrats.

MSNBC and FOX both have banners saying Huckabee, Obama win.

They don't call it the Clinton News Network for nothing.

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