Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Welcome to the Debt Is Slavery Bowl...presented by Toyota

A few random thoughts on News Years Day...

Does every college football team go to a bowl game now? I'm no college football expert by any means - see here for someone who is - but does anyone really care who wins the International Bowl between Rutgers and Ball State?

Outdoor hockey in Buffalo, I love it. Although I think having it in Winnipeg or Quebec City would have been even better. Anyone who has spent a winter day in any of those cities knows what I'm talking about.

I used to be in the Iowa shouldn't be so damn special camp. I dunno anymore. I kind of like the idea of the politicians and their "anything west of NJ is in Siberia" elitist handlers being forced to spend months on end in flyover country. They are in such elite bubbles while in DC they lose touch with normal people. And you know Hillary hates every second of it. Imagine having to spend weeks on end speaking to little people, the horror of it all.

When (not if) Hillary and Rudy win, we will have 2 NYers running. So much for the theory that liberals from the Northeast can't win nationwide. Bloomberg might jump in as well. The mayor of NY vs. the ex-Mayor of NY vs. a Senator from NY. Unreal. Could be worse I guess, could be Gavin Newsom vs. Diane Feinstein vs. Jerry Brown.

I hear Leno and Co. will be back without writers. Doesn't this mean writers are not needed? Guess the writers union didn't learn anything from the steelworkers and auto unions. Strike enough times and eventually alternatives are found that don't include you.

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