Tuesday, January 22, 2008

What Does Kudlow Think?

How's that Goldilocks treating you these days Larry? Same guy that was sure subprime was inconsequential. Same guy that thought talk of a recession was crazy. Same guy that thinks Bush should be on Mt.Rushmore.

That same guy took the comments section off his blog. The same blog where he is begging, pleading (and most likely somewhere in a dark alley blowing) Benny B for a rate cut. This senile man actually thinks we're in a DEflationary environment. He must never buy food or gas or heat his home (errr Upper East Side apartment) or buy anything other than 90" plasmas, which have fallen in price quite a lot recently. And, this is the best part, he is still saying there is no recession and none coming.

Hey Larry do you still believe the sun revolves around the earth as well?

Good lord man, wake up to realities of the day.

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