Friday, January 18, 2008

Money for nothing

It's official. $150B of tax payer money squandered in the form of a "stimulus" package. Let me translate what that means....$150B extra debt that your children's children's grandchildren will be paying.

Hey cool a little somethin' somethin' in my pocket so you say. Not so fast there. If you are "rich" you don't qualify. This is a tax rebate for the low lives of society. Why should Jorge give a tax rebate on the people who, like, uhm, you know, pay all the taxes? No, instead the checks will be sent to those who contribute nothing to society and leech off those who do. If you make $20K, pay nothing in taxes, get food stamps, get free medicaid and god knows what else from the gubermint you're in luck. Uncle Jorge is sending you a $1600 check so you can buy yourself a new plasma for the trailer to go along with the Elvis commemorative plate set.

If you make a decent living and pay more than $20K in federal taxes alone, receive no government assistance and have never leached a penny from the gubermint, you get nothing.

Only in America does someone who pays $0 taxes get a tax "refund" yet someone who pays 30% of his income in taxes gets no "refund". I swear we are living in George Orwell's 1984. If the government is going to spend $150B in welfare payments at least call it what it is. Don't throw out this bullshit tax rebate. You cannot get a rebate on something you never paid in the 1st place Jorge. You went to Harvard Business School for crying out loud, I think even a man with your limited IQ should be able to figure that one out.

And of course Jorge doesn't care if you are here illegally or not. He's sending out checks to one and all, legal, illegal doesn't matter. Hey Jose, if you leave now and cross the Rio Grande in the next couple of days guess what amigo, you too will have that $1600 check waiting for you. And by this time next year Auntie Hillary with the help of Juan McCain and Humberto Reid will be getting ready to sign your amnesty bill. Better get going, you don't have any time to waste.

Jorge W. Arbusto, the nightmare that keeps on giving. Is it 1/20/09 yet? Oh shit, never mind, I forgot who's coming after him.

Damn we're so fooked!


As soon as this nightmare was announced stocks rallied from their lows of the day. Luckily for me I bought up some more this morning. In addition to the SPY I bought yesterday I bought some IWM today.

It appears the stupider the ideas from the gubermint are, the better stocks do. Can't fight em, join em. At least until the rally fizzles again sometime after Benny B's final push to kill the dollar next week.

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