Thursday, February 14, 2008


"He’ll probably bow to pressure and give the VP spot to Huckabee, just to calm the right down, but I see no reason why he should do any favors to the Coulter/Rush/Fox News types. They keep trying to drag the dead body of Reagan around. I’d hate to see what they would say about him if he had to run again."
Based on a comment from malcom on my post about conservtives being told to EFF OFF my McCain I feel a long winded response is needed.

I have been hearing/reading a lot of this kind of stuff. Neo-con this and neo-con that and look how awesome it is that McCain is standing up to them. Dude, it's all liberal spin. Don't fall for it.

The term neo-con is nothing but a code for conservative Jew. Instead of the libs saying, I hate Jews who are conservative, they say I hate neo-cons. The tolerant and inclusive liberals/Democrats are the worst anti-Semites out there. They have a heart attack when someone mentions 'states rights', yet a Jew dares leave the liberal/Dem fold and it's open warfare on him.

Ronald Reagan was a conservative. He is to conservatives what FDR is to liberals. Saying McCain's name in the same breath as Reagan's is an insult not only to Reagan but to common sense. John McCain is a center left liberal. He is Hillary Clinton without the pants suit and a worse temper. Mike Huckabee is the same thing, except he really loves Jesus and has an awe-schuks, Gomer Pyle look to him. Loving Jesus with all your heart makes you a Christian, it does not make you a conservative. The Rev. Jesse J is a man of God as is the Rev. Al Sharpton.
is one too. Absolutely irrelevant.

McCain offering Huckabee the VP spot will only make the ticket even more liberal. Instead of having 1 pro-amnesty, anti-tax cut, anti-gun candidate, we will have 2 pro-amnesty, anti-tax cut, anti-gun candidate, except with religion thrown in for good measure. Thanks but no thanks.

I am so sick and tired of the media assuming there is a correlation between church attendance and conservatism. Excluding weddings and tourism related events, I have been inside a church exactly 0 times in my life. So therefore, according to the MSM I cannot possibly be a conservative. Well fuck that. Since when did church attendance correlate with conservative values.

As for the Coulter/Rush/Fox News types. These "types" are no different than the NY Times/CNN/DailyKos types on the left which last I saw both Obama and Hillary were putting on the knee pads for. A Democrat who wants to excite Democrats will placate the left in their party. A Republican (a smart one anyway) that wants to excite the right will do likewise with the right in their party. McCain is doing the exact opposite. He is spitting in the face of the people he will need. And he will lose badly in November.

And come on Ann Coulter? I can't believe libs still take anything she says seriously. Look up self-promotion in the dictionary and you'll see her picture. I have to give her credit though, she says everything with a straight face. Guess she laughs enough on the way to the bank that she can keep a straight face while on the TEE-VEE.


Malcolm said...

Well, this is the first time I’ve actually been the SUBJECT of someone else’s blog, so I feel the need to respond to one of your charges and to clarify what I was saying on the others.

First, as far as my being some sort of liberal democrat: Given the fact that I have voted republican in the last six presidential elections, have worked on 4 republican campaigns, have donated thousands of dollars to republican candidates; and have remained consistent in my (traditionally republican) beliefs, I think I’ve earned my right to have an opinion as to what goes on in my party.

Second: as far as the idea that neo-con is nothing but a code for conservative Jews: This is America, so you’re allowed to make any comment you want, even if it is inaccurate and highly offensive.

To hint that my comment is some sort of anti-Semitism is absurd. I have a long and happy relationship with my Jewish friends; and they clearly understand and agree with many of my opinions. Disagree with me if you want, that is your right, but let’s leave the kidney punches out of it.

Now, as far as Reagan goes: I say that Reagan would be ashamed of many of the things that people have done in the name of the republican party.

It’s in vogue these days for republicans to claim that Reagan would have supported this, or supported that, but I prefer to rest on his actual words. The following video is excerpts from his first inaugural address.

What we have these days are so-called republicans who have turned their backs on the idea of fiscal responsibility, constitutional limits and the notion that strong fences make for good neighbors.

And now on to the “neo-cons”.

In my mind, the neo-con movement isn’t a philosophical position, it is more a method by which they choose to gain and retain power.

It is, in fact, the philosophy of the bully. It is a mentality that says that you either agree with 100% of what we say, or you are a “traitor”, someone who doesn’t have the “right” to call themselves a republican.

Theirs is the philosophy that says that 50.1% constitutes a “mandate”. They operate under the belief that if you gain a simple majority, this gives you the right to subject all to your will; whether you are right or wrong.

Like I said, I think Reagan would be ashamed of what they have done in his name. The fiscal irresponsibility, the divisions they have created with their attitude, their evisceration of the constitution, and the smug way in which they claim superiority violates nearly everything that Reagan, the man, professed.

Well, guess what: I was a republican before they stole the party, and I will be a republican well after we broom them out of the party in shame.

Ed said...


I agree with you for the most part. I wasn't suggesting you are a democrat or liberal or anti-semetic. If you took it that way, sorry. But neo-con is code for that in a lot of circles, can't deny that.

I agree that the GOP has gone loco in a lot of ways. I have never defended the party. I am defending conservatism. McCain is no conservative which is why I say screw the GOP if that is what they are offering up. Better to have Hillary/Obama than vote for McCain simply for being a Republican. And if you listen to a lot of the Coulter/Rush/Fox News crowd, they are saying the same thing. The very same supposed Bushbots who were accused for following Bush/GOP unconditionally are now saying to hell with the GOP. And still they are being attacked. Damned if you do damned if you don't.

Reagan wasn't perfect but was pretty damn good.

50.1% is a mandate the same way that 43% and 49% were mandates? That is the 43% Clinton won in 1992 and the 49% he won in 1996. I never heard anyone complain about a lack of mandate then. And when Hillary or Obama win with 50.01% of the delegates I doubt anyone will complain too loudly either. That's politics, a win is a win.

Anonymous said...

We know obama abused drugs but is he gay? Wtf? Say what you want but this dude seems pretty sincere. And keep in mind this was 9 years ago when this guy probably looked a little different.

Anonymous said...

If Obama is gay, that'd be a plus in the Dem primaries.