Saturday, February 16, 2008

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year.....

The metrobrokers sings in Atlanta are starting to bloom. It has surpassed 100,000 and is well on its way to the 110,000 mark from last summer. I am predicting it will reach 120,000. Maybe even more. It would be cool to take bets on where it will end up.

No wonder our two so-called conservative, so-called Republican senators are trying to bribe people into buying a home. Yeah cuz that's what's keeping me from buying, an extra $5000 a year for 3 years. Often times I sit around and look at the 100,000+ homes for sale and think, if only I had a $5000 a year tax credit for 3 years, then I'd go and buy one of those over priced pieces of shit that will be losing value for the next foreseeable future. And you know if I had a $5000 a year tax credit for 3 years I would move out of my rental that costs me 60% of owning the exact same thing and without any of the hassles of ownership like fixing things or maintenance.

And this reminds, I received the local real estate expert's junk mail yesterday. She gleefully told me that the inventory has dropped recently. Uhm yeah, it dropped in Dec and Jan, like it does every year. People don't sell or buy homes during Christmas season. And when they pull off their homes around Dec 1, their intent is to re-list in that magical SPRING SELLING SEASON we hear so much about.

Well it's spring and the inventory is shooting up up up.

Unless I am wrong and Atlanta really is different.


Anonymous said...

"Yeah cuz that's what's keeping me from buying, an extra $5000 a year for 3 years."

Lol. I think that the senators in these bubble states realize that when the shit hits the fan it's going to very, very bad. I'd definitely hold out on the 5k. Wait till it's more like 100k with a Merc in the driveway.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who thinks that it's amazing that a gasbag like greenspan can literally ruin a world economy. I've admittedly had a couple of drinks but am I off on this at all? I mean, is it possible for one man to tank the global economy?

Ed said...

Tsk tsk, anon #1. Don't you know Georgia didn't have a bubble. Realtors is Atlanta keep saying Atlanta is different. There was no bubble here, there is no crash here.

Yet Isakson sponsored the bill and his good buddy Saxby Chambliss (greatest name ever by the way), also from Georgia, co-sponosred it.

Amazing how Atlanta is not crashing yet the 2 GA Senators are sponsoring a bailout plan. Unless they are just such kind people and concerned about the people in Miami.

At $100K and a $50K car in the driveway, I might bite.