Tuesday, February 12, 2008

McCain to Conservatives: EFF U

Yeah well EFF U right back. You got lucky. Conservatives split the anti-you vote between Huckabee and Romney. Like Clinton in 1992, you came up the middle and won. Now that Romney is out, you are getting a true idea of the disgust conservatives have with you. Even though the race is over, you can barely win Virgina. Good luck with that in November.

I wonder if tradesport will have an over under McCovern/McCain bet. Will McCain win more or less electoral votes than McGovern? Or maybe a Mondale/McCain over under bet. You will lose and you will lose badly. Conservatives will not vote for you. Liberals will not vote for you when they can vote for the new messiah Obama. So who does that leave you with? Independents. Oooohhh. Ahhhhh. WOW. You will wrap up the 10% of the electorate. And you know very well that independents are really liberals who don't like to call themselves liberals. Meaning most of them will also vote for Obama.

Like I said good luck with all that.


Anonymous said...

McCain has royally screwed up on a lot of issues. But the thought of a leftist liberal shuffling around the white house like cliton or hussein would be a complete disaster. Yeah, McCain is not the best but in my view, I'll take a moderate repub over a liberal dem any day of the week. There will be a few supreme court spots opening up during the next term and you can gaurantee that hussein or cliton will want a contrarian liberal to fill them. McCain will get my vote regardless. Definitely not the best but surely better than the options.

Ed said...


I would agree except that McCain is not a moderate. Votes twice againt tax cuts, McCain-Feingold, amnesty, gang of 14, the list goes on.

I've heard this argument a lot lately about judges too. What makes you think he will appoint conservative judges? He was the founding member of the gang of 14 after all.

This man is ego driven. He will do whatever it takes to make himself feel good. Making himself feel good means a) getting things done and hence getting the glory and b) pissing off conservatives. When he nominates his leftist judges it will be hailed by the MSM as bipartisanship and working together. When conservatives complain, we will be told to be good little boys and sit in the corner while the adults work together and get things done.

Yeah Hillary will appoint leftists. But at least the right won't sit idly by and let it happen. We'll put up a fight. We may win, we may lose, but we won't sit there and take it quietly.

Malcolm said...

In defense of McCain. Starting with the 2000 primary, the neo-cons have hit McCain with every dirty trick known, and even made up a few new ones.

If I were him, and these same people started showing up now claiming that they wanted a voice in my administration, I’d say FU too.

He’ll probably bow to pressure and give the VP spot to Huckabee, just to calm the right down, but I see no reason why he should do any favors to the Coulter/Rush/Fox News types.

They keep trying to drag the dead body of Reagan around. I’d hate to see what they would say about him if he had to run again.