Friday, February 1, 2008

McCain (D-AZ)

In 2004 McCain was being considered as Kerry's VP. No surprise there since McCain approached the Democrats to join them in 2001. The GOP has been dying for quite some time. Nominating this man will be the final nail in the coffin.

My only hope now is that he's in his 70s and nature will take care of him. If not, it will be a long and painful 4, or God forbid 8, years.

And speaking of age, there is that famous quip that if you're a conservative at 20 you have no heart, if you're liberal at 40 you have no brain. McCain's brain must be deteriorating. Here is his conservative voting score by National Journal over his career in the Senate. 100 is highest, meaning most conservative.

1986: 87.5
1987: 83.5
1988: 82.3

1993: 74.8
1994: 89.2
1995: 70.2

2004: 51.7
2005: 59.2
2006: 56.7

He is barely beating Ted Kennedy and Hillary Clinton these days.

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Anonymous said...

"McCain (D-AZ)"

Lol ... so true. I hate to say it but this country is going to get a tax and spend, pro immigration liberal no matter what side goes in.

I live in AZ and if he can't see what the illegals are doing to this country he must be blind. Every day, it seems, someone is raped or murdered or both by an illegal.