Sunday, February 24, 2008

Me confused

John McCain hates conservatives.

John McCain loves the NY Times and all things liberal.

John McCain spends 20 years in the Senate fighting against conservative principles and is adored and admired by the NY Times.

John McCain gets NY Times endorsement and is jazzed and honored by it.

John McCain wins GOP nomination with support from cross-over Democrats and so-called Independents (aka liberals who don't like to be called liberal) in part thanks to their NY Times marching orders.

NY Times turns on John McCain and accuses him of an affair.

Conservatives get amnesia of the past 20 years and come to John McCain's defence.

John McCain vows to go to war with NY Times.

If I were prone to believe in conspiracies I would think something here doesn't quite sit right. I mean come on, the NY Times endorses him one week and then tries to take him down the next? Rush Limbaugh is calling for the pitchfork brigade one week and then defending him to the death the next? And all of a sudden Mr. Work With Liberals to Get Things Done is at war with the liberal standard bearer?

Something just doesn't smell right. But luckily I don't believe in conspiracies so it must be nothing.


Anonymous said...

If McCain is gullible enough to trust the times I question his critical thinking skills.

Anonymous said...

Steering public opinion for the advancement of a liberal agenda is typical MSM fare. Anyone that thinks that this is just a fluke on the part of the NYT is a sadly misinformed sheep.

And I don't think for one second that this was done to help him in any way (even though it has helped him). Republicans will rally around their own when they are under attack.

They had this story ready to print when they endorsed him. They have also just set him up for a major derailment if the story is true. McCain had to respond and deny everything but if the story is true he will eat those words.

Malcolm said...

We are at war with EastAsia. We have always been at war with EastAsia.