Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Note to self: cancel European vacation

The Euro has reached yet another new high, breaking the $1.50 mark for the first time ever. Coincidentally enough oil is at $102. Inflation is close to 1970s territory and even so the Fed is still in let's lower rates some more so we can save the housing crash mode.

I once again blame the educrats for this mess. If basic economics were taught in school the public would be outraged right now. If people had just the basics of economics down they would realize what the hell is going in the economy and how not only their, but their kids' futures are being seriously fucked up in order to bail out bankers and idiot home owners. Ahh but the stock market was up 100 yesterday so all must be well. Or so the 10 o'clock news said. Jorge W. and Nancy Pelosi are sending me a check next month, so all will be well, so the 10 o'clock news said.

Instead of teaching economics, they teach enviro-studies, new math and how to put a condom on a banana. Instead of teaching what a supply curve is, they teach about Johnie having two daddys. Instead of teaching about what really led to the great depression (hint it wasn't the stock market crash) they spend 2 months telling us who invented peanut butter (ask your kids, it's February and Black History Month, which means it must be fresh in their minds). Instead of teaching why low interest rates are not always a good thing, they teach the kids why global warming will kill their puppy dogs and kittens.

And when it comes tome to vote this November, nobody will vote for any sane fiscal or monetary policy. They will vote for the guy (the gal is no longer in play) who will give them the most free shit. "FREE" health care, "FREE" education, a "FREE" mortgage, you name it. Since they don't understand the basics of economics, they don't understand how "FREE" stuff costs twice what it would cost if it weren't free.

Enjoy the $4.50 gas this summer everyone.


Anonymous said...

It's pretty breathtaking to see the Euro so high. Can't imagine how tough that has to be on Euro exporters to the US when every Audi and Merc manufactured in Europe has to be sold at a loss here.

Ed said...

As the owner of 2 Euro cars, I will be paying for it when doing repairs. Thanks Benny B, you bastard.

Back in OC in 2012 said...

Ahhh . . . the great German autos! I too have two. But I am a half sucker as I buy C.P.O. BMWs. After the intial warranty runs out 4yr/50K mi. I pay $50 for anything that goes wrong for the next two years or 100K miles. Basically I get a one year old car with a 6 year warranty. Actually this is, in my opinion, the best deal around if you want to buy a used German car.

I agree with Ed's post one again, schools do not teach life basics. This (financial basics) should be a mandatory senior class required for gradimication from hi skool. Economics could/should be a junior/senior level class and personal finance should be a senior class required for graduation. It doesn't even have to dive into heavy duty financial analysis, leave that for college. But damn man, at least teach these retards how to balance a checkbook by hand, calculate the cost of credit card debt, budgeting, negotiating a lease or buying durables, calculate net pay and preparing their own 1040s just to name a few. Just some simple basic shit. I see business owners that cannot even balance a fucking checkbook, let alone know how to record a liability. No I am getting in a piss shitty mood. I should petition the school board. Oh well, must get back to taxes. Enjoy.