Friday, February 22, 2008

Repo Man

One of my least favorite TV shows is Lou Dobbs' show on CNN. A John Edwards wanna be talking about two Americans and other such nonesense. On today's show we learn about the poor people whose cars are being repoed at record rates these days. Everyone together now...


He calls this a "War on the Middle Class". No you baffoon it is not a war on anyone. The American middle class is a cesspool of greed and stupidity. The middle class is out buying Escalades and H2s that get 12 MPGs. And shocking as it may sound, someone making $45K a year can't afford he $800 car payment along with he $500 gas bill for themoster SUV.

This is yet one more crisis which will no doubt require a government program. Not only are very stupid people losing their house, they are now losing their car as well. The same stupid peoplewho signed up for $0 down ARMs also signed up for $0 down 9 year car loans.

So what is the answer? Well a government bailout of course. Not only will Barack give you "FREE" health care, "FREE" education. He will pay off your mortgage and car loan as well. Why not just bypass all these programs and just mail everyone in the country $1M. Then we'll all be rich and all our problems will be over.

Oh well, maybe I'll go help the economy and buy a rock bottom used car. Let the low balling begin.


Anonymous said...

I can't watch cnn. "War on the middle class" has about as much validity as McCain's unsubstantiated "affair". Msm makes up whatever they want to steer their agenda. Convenient that McCains "affair" came out after Michelle obama's words were reaching critical mass in the media. Hmmmmm.

Definitely noticing fewer H2's on the road here. And thank god. During the peak they were everywhere. Personally I despise them with a passion and most of the people that own them drive like complete assholes. About 2 years ago I struck up conversation with a guy who was driving an enormous H2. I mean, this thing was huge. To give you an idea of how jacked up this thing was, there was at least 4 feet of ground clearance. He casually told me that it only got around 5 mpg and he spent around $150 per day on gas. Judging by the way he was dressed I assumed he was in the housing industry and was a foreman or contractor of some kind (and I haven't seen him or that truck since.)

I think we should throw all these repossessed trucks in obamas massive wealth redistribution plans and here's why. People here can't control themselves in those things and they drive like they own the road. Let's ship them off to the less fortunate people in Africa, specifically the people who don't live near food. Let's give them a full tank of gas and let them drive to where the food is. Simple.

Ed said...

H2 to Africa program...I like it.

I also practically never see H2s anymore. When I do I can't help but think what a moron.