Tuesday, March 4, 2008

2nd Ammendment is so 1700s dude

One of the MESSIAH OBAMA plans that of course will never be discussed in the MSM.

In a nutshell he would ban the sales of a gun within 5 miles of a school. I challenge anyone to find a plot of land that is not within 5 miles of a school in any American city/suburb. Hell try 1 mile and I doubt you could.

What this plan would essentially do is ban the sale of guns anywhere within 100 miles of an urban center. Even in rural areas I'm guessing schools are not often more than 10 miles apart.

Under the MESSIAH OBAMA plan I'd basically have to central Alaska in order to legally buy a gun. But Obama and Hillary and John Kerry and the rest of them tell us they support the 2nd Amendment.

I don't own a gun, never have. But I am a 10+ year member of the NRA and do send the NRA money every year. Even though I don't own a gun, I like knowing I have the right to go buy a gun if I am ever inclined to do so.

The more people that have guns the safer everyone is. There is a reason why lone gunmen never go to a police station or gun show or military base and start shooting random innocent people. Had every Virginia Tech student been armed, you wouldn't know anything about VT other than its football team. And had every European Jew had a gun, Auschwitz would be nothing more than a Polish town.


Anonymous said...

Would it be stupid to leave the country if he or Hillary gets elected? I think not.

Anonymous said...

Leaving the country is stupid, sorry. You sound like the nutjobs on the left who said they'd leave if Bush won. They didn't go, life went on for them, world didn't end.