Friday, March 14, 2008

$4300 an hour hookers

The libertarian in me sees nothing inherently wrong with the whole thing. If women want to sell themselves and are adults, all the power to them. As could be predicted, all the talking heads when on auto pilot when discussing the story. The feminists were talking about women being objectified. The righties are out these screaming about how the children will be hurt.

What a load of shit. This woman is making $4000 an hour and she's being exploited? Give me a break. I mean granted she is a moron since she was making $4K an hour and is now broke since she spent $4K an hour as well. But exploited? Come on!

I don't fault Spitzer for doing what he did. I fault him for getting caught. You'd think a guy who was a DA and brought down prostitution rings would be a little more careful. Turns out this smart guy is kinda dumb. Maybe he and the ex-Gov of NJ can get together and swap stories. Maybe they can open up a consulting service for politicians on how not to get caught screwing around on your wife. If these boneheads are willing to pay $4300 an hour for a hooker, they'll pay twice that much not to get caught.

Spizter-McGreevy Inc

Think about it guys.


Malcolm said...

I agree, the $4300 price tag shows the worst type of economic management.

If he hadn’t been forced to resign, it would raise serious questions on his ability to properly budget.

Anonymous said...

She's also been offered a million dollars to pose in playboy. On top of that she has had 300k+ downloads of her song posted on her myspace. She's made about 200k off of that crappy ass song at .68 cents a piece. She's definitely not hurting.

The one person who is going to be hurting is Spitzer when he gets crabs, VD or AIDs.