Monday, March 10, 2008

Benny B, Oh Benny B

Oil is at $107. Gotta love it. Gas at $4 soon. Who's to blame? Evil oil companies of course. And also the fact that Bush and Cheney are helping out their "B-I-G O-I-L" buddies. Turn on CNN and it's all gas prices, all the time. Why people are having to resort to (GHASP) carpooling just to survive. H2 salesmen are getting second jobs since sales are non-existent.

Yet the MSM is missing out on the two main reasons for the expensive gas. First and foremost is the fact that the dollar has been devalued. Thanks to reckless cut in the fed rate after reckless cut due to a futile attempt by Benny B to solve the housing crash, the dollar is in free fall. Oil is priced in dollars. When dollars are worth less, it takes more of them to buy the same amount of oil as before. Chart the price of oil in Euros and the situation is not as dire. In January 2007 oil was at $50US. It is now at $107, change of 114%. In January 2007 oil was at 40 Euros, it's at 70 Euros today, change of 75%. Still a spike, but there are spikes and then there are spikes.

Second reason is the never ending demand of China and India. There are literally thousands of new people buying cars every day in China and India. More cars equals more demand for oil. More demand with the same supply equals higher prices. Unless we tell the Chinese and Indians to stop buying cars, that will not change anytime soon.

And yet on the campaign trail the MESSIAH OBAMA and Clinton are out there railing against high oil. About as much good as complaining about cold nights in North Dakota. And uhm, don't the Demos control Congress and the Senate? And aren't both Clinton and the MESSIAH OBAMA members of that Senate? If they have these wonderful solutions to bring gas back to $1.50, what the hell are they waiting for? Enact this magical legislation that will revive the dollar and quash demand in Asia.

Bah. Why ask these questions in the MSM? Much easier to go with Bush is from Texas, therefore oil prices are high. Easier for the masses to digest.

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