Friday, March 21, 2008

Conflict of interest anyone?

Ben Bernake's house is down $250K in value.

It was worth around $1.1M and now is down to $840K, right at what he bought it for in 2004. And since these valuations are done by realtors and are inflated by at least 10%, it is safe to say his home is worth somewhere south of $800K. Which means he, like millions of others are underwater. And DC is one of the areas that is due for a hell of a lot more price depreciation. His house could very well be worth half of what he paid. Now Benny B is well off. But still, losing $400K has to sting.

Which begs an interesting question? How much of his actions are being undertaken in the name of helping the economy (in his eyes anyway) vs. helping himself? Does he really think destroying the dollar is in the country's best interest? Or does he think, fuck it, I have a $800K loan that will be a lot easier to pay off in 1.60EURO dollars instead of 1.15EURO dollars. I'm inflating my way out of my mess and to hell with everyone else.

And the same goes for the rest of these clowns. Chuck Shumer, Chris Dodd, Hillbama all have sizable amounts of their money tied to real estate. You hear all the talk about Cheney and Haliburton and what a conflict of interest that is. OK fair enough. But what about the multi-million dollar pads in NY, Chicago and DC that the esteemed leaders of the Democratic party own? Where's the conflict of interest outrage when these very same people are trying to use tax payer dollars to for a housing bailout? Mum's the word in the MSM of course. You'd think at least Fox News would say something about it, not even there.

And speaking of the MSM, uber clowns like Katie Kouric, Wolfie Blitzer, Neil Cavuto and the rest....ya think they're taking a hit on their real estate holdings? Of course they are. And what better way to try and minimize that hit than to tell the unwashed masses that everything is A-OK and now is the best time to buy ever.

It's all the same shell game, Dem, Rep, CNN, Fox. All the same bullshit perpetrated by the same group of people.

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