Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Cry me a river

From the 'look how awful thing are' file on cnn:

I work in Belmont, MA, which is in the Cambridge area. I am in LOVE with what I do -- I work for Belmont's Council on Aging. Friendships are formed with this community. Our staff is devoted to what we do, and we grow incredibly attached to the people we serve, as well as their families.

Sadly, my husband and I were priced out of this community when we decided to buy our first home almost two years ago. We decided to move to Lowell, about 10 minutes shy of the New Hampshire border.

We have grown to adore our new home and community and have forged great bonds with our neighbors. But I will most likely need to leave my wonderful job as program coordinator due to the rising cost of gas. It costs me about $250 a month to commute to work, and while I know my story is not unique, I am quite heartbroken about it.

Everyone all together now.....AWWWWWHHHHH! Quick someone get on the horn to Jorge W. and Nancy Pelosi. These people obviously need a $2000 check sent ASAP.

First off you freaking morons why did you buy a house 2 years ago? Anyone with an IQ over 70 should have know that buying a house in early 2006 was a bad idea with a capital b and a capital i. And in 2006 gas was well on its way to the $3 area. Again anyone with an IQ above 70 should have seen what was coming. But you ignored all that. All you cared about was living the 'AMERICAN DREAM' of home 'ownership'. You bought into the NAR lies and marketing. Renting was beneath you and you had to buy no matter what, even if that meant spending 4 hours a day in traffic commuting.

And now you are heartbroken. Well boo hoo lady, cry me a river. Life is a series of choices that one has to make. You made a poor choice and now you are stuck with it. Don't come crying to me about it, I have no sympathy for you. Next time you are tempted to fall for the lies and spin of realtors and the housing industry, take a second and think. Is it worth it for me to spend 4 hours a day and $250 a week in gas costs just so I can say I 'own' a home? If the answer is yes, then by all means go for it. If the answer is no, then don't make the same mistake again. In the meantime, do me a favor and quit crying about how unfair life is.


Anonymous said...

yeah but come on, she is in love with her job. give her a break.

Scott said...

The best one (from the same article) is the family with FIVE kids that are complaining they don't have enough money for gas, movies, etc, etc.

Well maybe, just MAYBE you should have thought about that before having 5 kids... Just a thought, I mean it doesn't really cost anything to have/raise kids now does it.

But don't worry, the gubermint will be sending them an EXTRA $1500 for all those kids. I can't believe they 1. added the 'kid' clause and 2. didn't cap the damn thing.

I guess the Mormons and Hispanics hit the lotto on that provision.

Ed said...

And I would wager a good chunk of worthless dollars that those 5 kids are clad in $200 Nike shoes and each have a cell phone.

Ed said...

Damn it I read all the sob stories and each one is more pathetic than the next. Idiots who bought a house last year before selling their existing house. Even bigger idiots who are sending their kids to private school and on top of ot want to buy a house (?!?!?) all on a drummer's income. A whiny little brat in college who god forbid has to move out of the dorms and live in an apartment with roommates. Hey, asshole, I spent 4 years in college living in apartments with roommates. And get this dude, ....with NO CABLE TV! My god the shock and horror of it all.

My god what a bunch of whiny little bitches this country has turned into.

Anonymous said...

Ed, I love your blog, but these comments are bordering on hate speech. "Mormons and hispanics hit the lotto on that one" ???

In fact, i wanted to make a comment on your anti-women comments a week or two ago but held my tongue. It's your blog and everything, and i respect your views, which is why i read it every day and often post comments. But sometimes its a little off-putting when it gets dirty

People have a right to have children, as many as they want. I happen to be a woman. Who wants several children. A fiscally and politically conservative woman, for that matter. And when the economy starts tanking after I've made careful plans for my family and I'm feeling the pinch, i'm going to be a bit worried, and yes, bitch.

You guys are sounding like Bill Maher, the Big Hater, here.

Ed said...


First off thanks for reading.

I don't always agree with comments posted by others. My approach to this is let everyone have their say, whether I agree or not. However in defence of scott, hispanic and mormons statistically speaking will benefit the most from this obscene tax dollar giveaway. Like it it or not they are the groups most likely to have a large amount of children.

I have nothing against people having children whether 1 or 10. I do however have an issue when people who have a lot of kids then turn around and expect me to pay for them.

As for the anti-women comments, come on, you can't mean that. If I recall, what I said was that the MSM was celebrating the fact that single women were buying houses in record numbers. And what I said was that single women buying houses was as stupid right now as men buying houses. What I also said, was that this MSM empowerment of women is bullsshit. Single women are not empowered if all they've done is trade in the security of a man for the security of the government. In 2006, single women voted 66/32 for Democrats. They voted for "FREE" health care and other socialist, cradle to grave govt freebies. So instead of getting married and "depending" on a man - a bog no no in the feminist world, they stay single and depend on the government, which is just fine by the feminists led by Feminist In Chief and Hillary supporter Gloria Steinem.

Where is the empowerment in that?

Scott said...

To Anon:

Of course you are entitled to have as many children as you want. However, people should be responsible and plan for them... which, unfortunately, many, many people do not do.

You said " And when the economy starts tanking after I've made careful plans for my family and I'm feeling the pinch, i'm going to be a bit worried, and yes, bitch."

I don't quite understand why you would be feeling the pinch if you planned properly.

Ultimately the kids suffer in these situations when it's not really their fault obviously.

And lastly, as Ed pointed out Mormons and Hispanics clearly have statistically more children than other religions/ethnic groups, so they DID hit the lottery.

I better buy some Nike stock. I see a run on the $250 Air Jordans.