Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I'm gonna git you SUCKA

So yesterday looking at the old ticker I thought to myself, wow nasdaq up over 3%. Home sales surging. Goodness, must me time to get out of Dodge once again. So I sold pretty much everything I owned. This was the last of what I bought before the last suckers rally in January. And since I saw the KB Homes went up 9% yesterday I doubled down and bought KBH $25 April puts. If that company survives through 2008 I will be surprised. They build garbage homes in S. California and Las Vegas primarily. Their customers are the people who can't afford houses but bought anyway. Go to a KB neighborhood in Las Vegas and try to find 5 families who have a a valid SSN in the household.

This morning I see futures are down quite a bit. Which means that the euphoria of the fake 'housing crash is over' pronouncement is starting to sink in. The suckers fell for it once again and now they will be slaughtered, once again. The shills in the media are still sticking to the 'housing crash is over because as happens every year, Feb sales were higher than Jan sales' story. Hoping for just a few more pigs to make a move to the slaughter house before the button is pushed.

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