Saturday, March 29, 2008

I'm turning on all my lights at 8

In case you haven't been watching TV or reading the MSM propaganda today is turn out your lights and pretend like it's 1708 day. This is yet a new low in the stupidity of this movement led by Al Gore and his fellow band of travelers. In a show of support for fighting global warming, err climate change (since now global warming includes global cooling) the far left is encouraging us all to turn out the lights for an hour. That's a new one. I knew driving a car made me worse than Hitler. But using electricity? Wow I never knew that was now on the do it and you are an asshole list. What the fuck's next? The don't flush your toilet day?

This is what the so-called enviro movement is all about. Has nothing to do with the environment. It has everything to do with destroying the modern, western, capitalist system. Stop people from driving. Stop people from using electricity. Stop people from using all forms of technology until we are fulfilling some kind of Stalinesque dream of collectivist farming.

I will be turning on every light in the house during the anointed hour and telling Al and the rest of his minions a big fat fuck you and thank you very much.


Anonymous said...

We will have to take everything away from them before they realize they need us, LOL. Like in Atlas Shrugged when she watched the cities' lights wink out one by one as she flew over them in the plane on the way to the haven.

Anonymous said...

I read that google's dark page caused more power to be used than the white page.

Anonymous said...

All those warm and fuzzy thoughts of everyone collectively participating in an event reminded me of Christmas. So with the Christmas spirit in mind I lit my house up like a big ol christmas tree. The electric meter was spinning so fast it was probably drawing 50 watts. I'm glad googles homepage had the reminder or I would have forgot all about it.