Friday, March 28, 2008

Obama Marx

"According to John McCain he said the best thing for us to address the fact that millions of Americans are losing their homes is to just sit back and watch it happen.”
- the MESSIAH OBAMA 3/27/08

And what is exactly is wrong with that approach Mr. O? This is a much better approach than what you propose which is classic socialism. Spend $30B to prop up prices. Yeah like $30B will do much for a market where TRILLIONS of dollars are in play. And just to sound like a total bafoon he suggested on CNBC that the government should put a floor on housing prices. Uhm you mean like when Jimmah Cahtah tried to put a price ceiling on things in the 1970s? How did all that work out?

How would he propose this floor be enforced? Would we have a new bureaucracy called the Home Evaluation Department?. Would the HED would come to every home in the land and assign a value to it. Then anyone trying to sell their house for lower than the assigned HED value would be what...fined, imprisoned? What if I want to sell my house below the HED floor? Will I need to get a permit? Would my buyer need a permit? Would I have to pay the difference in some sort of tax? And would my the value of teh house have to be re-evaluated every year? Every 2 years? It is ludicrous to even suggest the idea of a government imposed floor on anything, let alone something as complex as housing. This is the kind of supposed new thinking that's coming from the Obama camp.

People like the MESSIAH OBAMA just don't get it. If you fuck with the free market in order to do X, the opposite of X happens. The classic example is rent control. NYC has had rent control for decades. And it has the most expensive rents in the country. Assigning a floor to housing will only guarantee that housing values will fall twice as fast in the long run.

With rent control what happens is builders stop building. If they know the rent they can get is capped, they won't build since it is not profitable. So supply goes down and a sever shortage of housing appears. If you have ever tried to find an apartment in NYC you know what I am talking about.

With Obama's plan the reverse would happen. Builders would overbuild. If you as a builder know that no matter what, you will sell a house for $300K, and it costs you less than $300K to build, you will build 24/7/365. Every house you build is automatically profitable. Doesn't matter the quality, doesn't matter if it's a house anyone needs, you build since you know there is a floor on pricing and the govt will buy that house from you. Instead of having 3-4 million empty homes now, there will be 6-8 million empty homes. Then in order to solve the 'empty homes crisis' the government will lift the floor, causing prices to drop to much lower levels than when the floor was imposed.

It is Econ 101 and is guaranteed to happen every time.

I think it may finally start dawning on people what I have been saying for a long time. Despite all the pleasant speeches, the smiles, the hope, the change, the audacity of hope, the MESSIAH OBAMA is nothing more than a far-left liberal socialist. For crying out loud, this man is considered to the left of Ted Kennedy. I didn't think that was even possible.

Given that most Americans don't have a clue about anything, they are easily swindled by the smooth polished looks of Obama. He's young, he's smart, he speaks well and he makes guys like Chris Matthews get a funny tingle up his leg. So he is a great con man when it comes right down to it. He says nothing yet says it well.

That can only work for so long. Eventually even the densest of our fellow citizens will start asking questions. Simple questions, like what does this guy stand for. And when the answer is tax anything that moves, spend more money, tax anything that moves again and spend even more money, some people will start having second thoughts.

The bailout of idiots, also known as the bailout of home "owners" may be the catalyst. Polls show that the country is about 50/50 on whether to bail out the idiots or not. The way I see it of the 50 percent that favors, 49.99% will vote Democrat no matter what. After all the Democrat vote is comprised of the very same idiots who need a government handout. The other 50% are the 50% that keep things moving in this country. This group comprises a lot of 'gee wouldn't it be neat-o benito to have a black prez'. But when they find out their tax dollars will be used to bail out idiots, they won't like him as much. And the same when they find out he wants to spend hundreds of billions on foreign aid. Or when they find ou that when the MESSIAH OBAMA says 'tax the rich' he really means tax the middle class.

Hillary talks a lot of the same talk as the MESSIAH OBAMA. The difference is that he actually means what he says. She sounds like a leftist loon during the primaries but she, like Bill, will govern from the center with the occasional Welfare Bill thrown in there for good measure.


Anonymous said...

Obama forced all of his education through the part of the brain that only understands civil rights. I think all of his core beliefs hinge off of this. He probably understands economics but 20 years of hateful speech has coerced him into believing that blacks need a handout and if he doesn't start taking whiteys money and giving it away, we are going to trample all over his folks. Kind of ironic that a racist whitey raised him and nurtured him while his black pimp dad took off without having any kind of responsibility. Hmmmm.

Ed said...

Plenty of white idiot home"owners" are in the same situation. Obama is a socialist/communist and his color is irrelevant. He will tax the 20% of those that produce in order to fun the 80% of parasites that take do nothing but stand on the corner with their hand extended for a handout.