Monday, March 31, 2008

Senor McCain is that you?

Anyone who has been reading my rants for any period of time is familiar with my disliek of Senor errr Senator John McCain. He was and is Mr. Amnesty. He voted against cutting taxes 'for the rich', he was the McCain in McCain-Feingold and he was the founding member of the Gang of 14.

Ever since he won the primary about 2 months ago the punditry has been saying he needs to reach out to (cue evil music) conservatives. How could he do it asked the liberals in the MSM? Talk about abortion since we all know every conservative is a bible thumping abortion nut they said. Say we'll stay in Iraq for 100 years since we all know ever redneck red-stater out there wants to kills as many of them MOO-SLIMS as possible they said.

Turns out all he had to do was say government is not there to bail out dolts, crackheads, drifters, grifters and yokels. In other words the American home "buying" public too stupid to read a simple contract. While Hill-a-bama was out tripping over itself with bigger, costlier and complex bailout plans, McCain laid it out nice and clearly. You fucked up, now deal with it.

I'm not saying I'm getting out the checkbook and sending him money any time soon. But if for the next few months he keeps with this, I might reconsider. Then again he is what, 92 years old and could very well have forgotten everything he said.

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Besides Ron Paul.