Monday, April 14, 2008

Me DEMOCRAT, me want money

A poll from Gallup sheds some not too earth shattering results

70% of Democrats favor a government bailout of IH"O"s - Idiot Home "Owners".

55% of so-called Independents (ie Democrats who don't want to call themselves Democrats) favor it

Only 40% of Republicans favor the bailout.

Given that the biggest housing crash is happening in the most liberal parts of the country like Los Angeles, S. Florida, Las Vegas, DC and Boston, these results make sense. While the Republican party has shifted to the left with Jorge W. and Juan McAmnesty both favoring a bailout, it's good to know the rank and file still believes in free markets.


OJ said...


you republicans won't call what you give to wall street a bail-out. but it will be just the same

Ed said...

Try again oj. I opposed the bailout to Bear Sterns.