Friday, April 25, 2008

Stimulate this

The gubermint will start sending out 1200 worthless $US dollars starting in May. Fantastic news. The money will be sent out 4 days earlier in order to stimulate the economy. Or so the MSM headlines tell me.

NEW YORK ( -- The federal government, eager to boost the flagging economy, will start distributing special stimulus payments Monday - four days earlier than expected. "Beginning Monday, the effects of the stimulus will begin to reach households," President Bush said Friday. "This money is going to help Americans offset the high prices we're seeing at the gas pump and at the grocery store."

So now the government is printing money in order to offset the high prices at the pump and grocery store? Did I just read that correctly?

The government is devaluing the dollar by printing too much money. This devaluation is causing food and gas prices to soar. So the way to combat this problem is to print more money. Wow. Absolutely wow. Someone please get Paul Volker on the phone ASAP.


Jeremy said...

I'm gonna buy a dune buggy!

Anonymous said...

a bag of g.d. spinach at the store costs $5.00. NOT the organic kind. A carton of grape tomatoes costs 4.59. Oil and vinegar, together, $10, and that's the store brand bottles. I get to the checkout, there are two lanes open and about twenty shoppers with tired faces resolutely standing there, waiting to be rung up.

This done BEEN pissing me off. I started my summer vegetable garden two months ago and in another month there won't be anymore trips to the local grocer for THIS cat.