Friday, April 4, 2008

This woman can't stop lying

She was under sniper fire....and then wasn't.

She said Obama can't win then she didn't.

Richardson said he would endorse her, then well maybe he didn't really not say he wouldn't not endorse the absolute value of a negative Obama.

Now the whopper of them all, Hillary Clinton wanted to join the military but she wasn't admitted because of her eyesight. I used to think she was just a typical politician who would lie. Now I think she is pathological. She could tell me she went to the moon over the weekend and that would be more believable than a story about wanting to join the military.

Now I know the DailyKooks of the world will be fuming at this story as will Gloria Steinem (although I repeat myself). They'll inevitably bring up Bush and the Texas Air National Guard and probably mumble something about Haliburton too. Of course it is all irrelevant since Bush was in the Texas Air National Guard. Whether he did anything while there is debatable. But to just outright make shit up like Hillary does is incomprehensible to me. Doesn't she realize that there is this thing called the INTERWEB? On this INTERWEB 3 nanoseconds after she or any politicians says something, the story is googled. And at the slightest hint of a lie about 10,000 bloggers are out investigating. If nothing else the new media has become a politician bullshit detector. The fact that the supposedly smartest woman in America can't figure this out is fascinating.

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