Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wars, wars and more wars

Man talk about a roller coaster of emotions for me and McCain. He almost sold me on his conservative bona fieds when he told idiot home "owners" to take a hike. Maybe I was wrong about him and he really was a conservative I naively thought. Maybe he learned from his mistakes. How wrong I was.

Less than a week later he does the ultimate Kerry and flip flops like nobody's business. Now Mr. Amnesty wants to give idiot home "owners" tens if not hundreds of thousands of tax payer dollars so they can keep "their" home. This brilliant plan of his will of course include many of the 20-25 million illegals who "own" homes as well.

Now, not to be outdone, he announced a war on poverty. I'll give him credit for something. He does like endless wars. He wants to stay in Iraq for 100 years or more. The war on poverty was started by Lyndon Johnson in 1964. 44 years later we apparently need to keep it up. And let's not forget the war on drugs. How's that one doing for everyone? Nice to know we've spent trillions on dollars on both wars and have absolutely nothing concrete to show for it. Poverty rates are the same today as they were 40 years ago. Drug use is the same today as it was 30 years ago when this stupid war was started.

Senator, you want to know why there is poverty in Ohio? It's a 1 word answer. U-N-I-O-N. Unions destroyed the manufacturing industries in Ohio. Unions have almost killed the auto industry in Michigan next door. Unions killed electronic manufacturing. And they are well on their way to killing off a good slice of the airline industry. Not to mention they have utterly destroyed the US public education system. You want another war to fight? Fight unions and you may actually get somewhere.

And another two words you might try. BORDER ENFORCEMENT. Allowing 20-25 million uneducated, non-English speaking people into the country earning $5 an hour is not exactly the way to prosperity for the nations. And those $5 an hour earning illegals force the wages down of the very people you are trying to help. If Juan goes home, John will get a job that pays a decent wage and will get out of poverty. It ain't rocket science Senator.

For a supposed election about change this is turning into a 'who can go into the way back machine the furthest?'. McCain wants to relive the 60s by channeling LBJ. Clinton wants to relive the 90s. And Obama..I have no idea what he wants to do since he has yet to outline a damn thing other than hope and change / change and hope.

Only thing I know is that my taxes will increase and the world will be a worse place 4 years from now with any of these 3 jokers as the winner.

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Anonymous said...

You never fail to make me smile, Ed. Thanks for brightening my day once again. :) Keep it real.