Thursday, May 8, 2008

Recreate Sixty Eight

As a proud member of the VRWC I'm digging this slow train wreck called the Democrat primary. Aside from really good entertainment, I think it is going to have long lasting implications beyond 2008. For the past couple of decades the Dems have portrayed themselves to each other and to the outside world as this kumbayah singing, rainbow tent under which everyone is a special flower and is loved by one and all. And this tent is the little guy fighting against the meanies in the GOP who represent Big Oil or something like that.

Well in 2008 the truth came out. The Obama / Hillary fight has become a back alley brawl with no holds barred. Not only is kicking below the belt allowed, it is encouraged by both sides.The Dems are a collection of disparate special interest groups that don't have much in common aside for hatred of Republicans. Your typical Obama voter has nothing in common with your typical Hillary voter. The Latte Liberal with a six figure income proudly sporting an Obama sticker on their Lexus SUV may as well live on the moon compared to the working class bitter Americans supporting Hillary. No matter which ones wins, the other side will be pissed and more importantly unmotivated in November or anytime soon.

2008 for Democrats will be the polar opposite of what 1980 was for Republicans. Then, Reagan brought together a bunch of conservatives who didn't really like each other. But they all liked - no loved - Reagan so much they put aside their differences to rally around the man.

The only sad, and ironic twist in all of this, is that there is nobody on the GOP side to take advantage of the mess. McCain is nothing but Hillary with a tolerable accent. The Dems will destroy each other and we'll still end up with a Dem as the winner.

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