Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Typical White People

Watching the CNN coverage of the Oregon and Kentucky primaries was amusing. The media, especially the CNN/MSNBC media types have a nice litle world they've created for themselves. It goes a little something like this:

- Barrack Obama is the new messisah
- anyone who doesn't vote for him is racist
- the more edumacated you are the more likely you are to vote for him, implying that
- uneducated whites who voted for Clinton are racist rubes who don't know 'nuthin
- "young" people vote for the messiah

Except a funny thing happened in KY. Whites with college degrees voted for Clinton. And so did "young" people, ie those under 30. It was like watching deer in headlights. How could this possibly be? College educated people are supposed to be enlightened as are "young" people. How could they possibly have voted against the new messiah?

So the pundits spent some time deriding Kentucky in a nod, nod, wink, wink manner. Oh you know well it's just KY, dumb rednecks, what do you expect. Just like W. VA, also a bunch of inbred rubes who hate black people. Then the Oregon results came in and it was back to normal. The freaks in Oregon who think saving an owl is the equivalent to curing cancer went a votin'. And they voted for Barak. Life was good once again.

Except that it's not really. If you look at exit polls, like people in OR and KY voted the same. That is working class, bitter, religious gun toting freaks in KY and OR voted for Clinton. Super duper ultra liberal latte sippers voted for Obama. There are just more of the former in KY and more of the latter in OR. And Oregon's win for Barak, while impressive isn't THAT big. He got less than 60% of the vote in a state that is tailor made for him.

Of the whole time I watched I didn't hear anyone offer any reason other than race for the anti-Obama vote. It was as if the whole campaign had been about voting for a black guy or not voting for a black guy. No pundit offered the theory that maybe, just maybe those typical white bitter gun nuts don't want a president who will raise taxes. They don't want a president who will 'negotiate' with psychopaths. Perhaps they don't want a president who thinks Iran is just a tiny, insignificant country. Maybe they don't want a president who will take away their right to own a gun. Maybe they don't want a president who wants to socialize medicine.

Whenever a Democrat gets bitch slapped by a Republican the Dems come out in full force and say that voters care about issues. Yet when the voters reject the solutions Barrack is offering for the issues of the day, suddenly issues don't matter and it's all about race. Alice in Wonderland 24/7 on the ex-Clinton, now Barrack News Network.

What I also didn't hear from any of the pundits is that there are a lot more Kentuckys in the country than Oregons. Especially the siwng states that will be swinging once again this year. If I were a super delegate I would be asking myself this question: Are Ohio, Penn, Florida, New Mexico, New Hampshire, Nevada, Michigan, Colorado and Missouri more like Kentucky or more like Oregon? The answer is obvious to one and all. Well except to the brilliant minds on CNN.

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