Tuesday, June 24, 2008

$300M more wasted dollars

McCain's lack of economic understanding is beyond belief. He's now proposing $300 million of taxpayer money as a prize to someone who comes up with a super duper neato battery operated car. The MSM screams with delight. Gee wiz how wonderful, look McCain cares about mother earth.

What nobody in the MSM - nor anyone on McCain's team - seems to understand is that the $300M is not needed. If someone can come up with that kind of car, he will make $300M many times over from selling the car all over the world. It is sad that the Republican nominee for president doesn't grasp such a simple capitalist concept. Nobody had to give Bill Gates government money for coming up with Windows. Nobody had to give Sergey Brin and Larry Page money to create Google and they now have more money than most countries. Pierre Omidyar wrote the code for eBay on a whim in his apartment and is now a multi-billionaire. The government had no role in making any of that happen.

McCain should not spend a cent on any of these foolish prizes. There is a necessity right now for cheap transportation alternatives. Someone will come up with it and make a shitload of money doing so. We don't need McCain or anyone else from the government throwing around hundreds of millions of dollars to make it happen.

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