Monday, June 23, 2008

Buying homes Americans won't buy

Gotta love those immigrants. First they do the jobs Americans won't do. Now as if that weren't awesome enough, they will buy the houses Americans won't buy too. That is the new spin on the housing crash. After 2-3 years of saying all will be well, things aren't well. And the credibility of people who have been saying all will be well has vanished.

So now the so-called experts have a new card up their sleeves. It's those kick ass immigrants once again. They will buy up all the unwanted overpriced pieces of junk out there.. So Jose and Maria who make $8 an hour under the table will solve the housing crash and buy all those houses with $700K asking prices in California.

Uhm I ain't no expert with no fancy shamncy Harbard PhD or nuthin, but wasn't the bubble exacerbated by illegals buying homes they couldn't afford in the first place? Remember the $14K a year strawberry picker who bought a house for $720K? Obviously Mr. Restinas doesn't. But that makes since this this expert was saying there is no housing bubble back in 2006. You'd think after getting it so wrong he would be ignored by the MSM. Instead they go back to him for predictions on when the housing crash that he said would never come will end.

And on the game goes.

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