Monday, June 2, 2008

Everybody all together now.....AWWWWWW

In its seemingly never end series on the woes of the middle class, CNN is now throwing out high gas sob stories. It used to be sob stories about IHOs (Idiot Home Owners) who bought $500K homes on $40K salaries and surpise, surprise couldn't afford to keep the house. Now high gas prices are the storu du jour and we get gems like this:

Brian Washburne
Credit analyst, 29, Arlington Heights, Ill.

Fortunately for 9-1/2 month old Mikey, he has two grandmas that love him more than anything. Unfortunately one lives in suburban Atlanta and the other lives in Ames, Iowa. It used to be that we could pack up the SUV and surely not forget a thing while traveling at an affordable fare that barely hurt the bank account. Now, after downsizing vehicles to save gas, we can't bring everything -- and mommy is cramped in the back seat with Mikey while our dog Chopper rides shotgun.

My God! The horror of it. Mommy is cramped in the back sea. Someone call Amnesty International ASAP. This simply cannot be allowed to happen. I mean come on people, this is supposed to be evidence of the assault on the middle class? Mommy can't stretch her legs out in the Escalade anymore and has to ride in the back seat of an Accord while on the way to visit Grandma?

Arlington Heights, IL to Atlanta is 1500 miles round trip. This yahoo is saying he can't make the drive because of $4 gas. Bull - SHIT! The SUV that they downsized from and could fit the kitchen sink got 15 MPG highway. That was 100 gallons. At $2 the cost was $200. Now they downsized. I'm assuming an Accord or something like that, which gets 25 MPG on the highway. That's 60 gallons at $4 per gallon equals $240. WOW!! A whole extra $40 for the trip. Double WOW!!

Once again this myth about gas prices is exposed. If this guy can't afford an extra $40 for the trip, he's either lying or is so stretched out, he's got bigger issues than gas costs. And if you are that stretched as to not afford $40 more, here's a thought to mommy: GET A JOB. Work 20 hours a month at $10 an hour serving coffee and you will be able to go visit grandma every month. Much easier to just bitch and whine about how tough life is instead of getting off your ass and changing your life.

But I won't let pesky facts stand in the way of a good "see how bad things are, if we only elect Obama everything will be better, I promise" story courtesy of the MSM. And yet the gullible fools out there salivating at the prospect of an Obama presidency buy every word of it. Since as we all know as soon as Obama gets in, he will give us** all a free house, free gas, free health care and we won't have to work more than 25 hours a week for any of it.

** Anyone making under $50K and considered poor. Anyone making over $50K and considered rich will have their taxes doubled.

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Anonymous said...

That's a disgusting article and it's a poke in the eye to poor people everywhere. How f*****g spoiled are the subjects of the article or even the writer who wrote the stupid thing?

Just like you, I'm sick of the whining. I'd like to hear citizens counting their blessings a bit more and less insensitivity to people who actually are suffering.