Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Need money for your mortgage?

Last night I watched an episode of Law & Order, Special Victims Unit. It was on DVR so I don't know how old it was. The story included a jury member who was paid off by the bad guy to vote not guilty. Why was the juror so morally deficient as to accept the bribe and risk going to jail you ask? Well she an interest only mortgage and was desperate for money. Oh and she also had a kid with a disease. Sad indeed.

The line the character said was "if I lose this place, we have nowhere else to go and Billy (or Bobby or Timmie or whatever) will be taken away from me." My reaction was of course, hey lady how about renting an apartment instead? I mean hell this is New York City after all where most people rent. It's not the end of the world to be a renter there, you're in the majority. Yet in the MSM, "owning" a home is so important that people justify breaking the law to keep "their" home. The character was portrayed sympathetically. After all she couldn't possibly let her son live in a rental, that would be like child abuse or something. And although we learn the punishment for doing what she did is 4.5 years of jail time, she ends up getting no jail time since her situation was justified.

Not to worry though. In about 8 months time nobody will have a mortgage payment to worry about anymore. As soon as Barry Obama gets in, we will all have our mortgages paid for. Along with car payments, credit card payments, gas costs and of course "FREE" health care for one and all.


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