Saturday, July 5, 2008

'84 or '80?

McCain is in such dire straits, it seems possible he will lose Montana according to this poll. Granted Montana does have its fair share of the crunchy tree hugging types who will naturally vote for the messiah. But holy 1984 style wipe out Batman. I've read some articles claiming Obama could even win Georgia. I thought, yeah right wishful thinking. But now who the hell knows? Obama's commercials are pretty good. He comes across as an aw shucks, raised in the midwest, worked his way through college kind of dude. Anyone not paying attention will see those ads and believe it. The MSM won't ever tell the masses about the real Obama. So all they have to go on is the make-believe garbage they will be seeing the media for the next 5 months. And given that McCain has not made even the faintest attempt to attack Obama, the truth about him will never reach Joe 6 Pack.

If McCain can't even win Montana which is about as red-state as it gets, the only question left for November is this: will Obama's trouncing of him be like 1984, when Reagan won 49 states or like 1980 when Reagan won only 44? Add a nice solid 60 Dem Senators and probably a 50+ majority in the House and look out below.

Once again, good job GOP. You nominated an old liberal who will be trounced by his opponent. You passed on Giuliani because he wasn't extreme enough in hating gays and banning abortion. You passed on Romney because he was a Mormon. Well OK. You'll end up with Obama instead, a guy who will make Rudy look down right Bush-like when it comes to those precious social issues you care so much about. And get ready for 3 or 4 Ginsburg type Supreme Court appointees by Obama that will strike down just about everything you hold dear. 10 Commandments in the town square? You'll be fighting to keep those tablets in your churches once those judges get going. But at least they won't be Mormon and that's what counts, right?

Think about all this for the next 8 years. And if your party is still around in 2016 maybe you'll get your shit together then and get back to being a party of fiscal discipline and not so concerned with who can marry whom and who reads what bible.

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Anonymous said...

Come on man. Obama's lead in the polls is something like 4% nationwide.