Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Juan McObama speaks to LULAC

Both of these amnesty pushers spoke to LULAC recently. LULAC is La Raza with a longer and kinda funnier name. It is yet another Hispanic victimology group which both candidates were bending over for.

One of the following two quotes is by Obama. The other is by McCain. Try to guess who said what.

"We have to finally bring undocumented immigrants out of the shadows. And they should have to pay a fine, and learn English, and go to the back of the line. That's how we'll put them on a pathway to citizenship," he said.

"we will address the burden U.S. employers are enduring by creating a temporary-worker program, so employers can hire and people can have jobs. And as important, we will be sensitive to the immigrant workers and their families who are doing the work that must be done," he adds."

Indistinguishable to me. Which makes sense since both McCain and Obama are liberals who support amnesty for illegals. At least Obama is consistent. He has always supported amnesty and doesn't back away from that support. Juan McCain on the other hand was for it then against it, then didn't know what it was, then thought he heard someone say something about it, and now looks like is right back on the amnesty bandwagon.

What is ironic is that both of them used the majority of their speaking time to focus on the economy. Both talked about how families are hurting, jobs are going away, blah blah blah. And yet given this background both of them want to import 20 million, non-English speaking, unskilled, uneducated peasants from Mexico. Can someone please explain to me how doing so will help any of these people that are suffering?

As for this getting to the back of the line business. Bunch of nonsense. Juan McObama thinks there is some giant queue out there for immigrants who are processed one by one by their spot in line. In fact there are about 100 different lines based on different visa categories. There are business categories and family categories. And within family there are different lines for people who have relatives that are citizens and people who have relatives that are permanent residents. And within those lines there are sub lines for kids and adults. Spouses and fiances. Brother and sisters. And within those lines there are sub lines based on where you're from. And then there is the line for a temp worker visa. Which is actually about 25lines since there are 25 or so temp worker visa categories. And sub lines within each of those based on your skills, your employer's size and your country of origin. The number of forms available from the USCIS (what the INS is called these days) rivals the number of forms available from the IRS.

So exactly which line will these illegals get to the back of? Will it be the line for business temporary farm workers? Or business temporary non-farm workers? Or maybe temporary workers via an H1-B? But then will it be the 3 years or the 6 year version of the line? And what if you're from Mexico but have lived here for 5 years? Well then you can get in the line that says you have a fast path to getting a green card? But then you'll cut in line ahead of someone from India who has been patiently waiting LEGALLY for 3 years to get a visa. And what if you have an uncle in the US? Do you get into the family line or do you get into the temp worker line?

And let's assume that they do all get to the back of some line. So what? That means that the next person who wants to immigrate legally now has 20 million more people in front of him. It still punishes those who do things legally and rewards those who break the law. And neither one of these dumb asses can figure this out.

In reality what will happen is simply a new line will be formed just for illegals. And the first person in that line will be on par with someone who has waited in one of the other lines for years, in some cases decades. And it will be a slap in the face to every single LEGAL immigrant that has ever done things the right way.


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