Tuesday, July 1, 2008

McCain the warrior

It's rather pathetic to watch McCain. Obama's henchman questions his military service and his rebuttal is essentially "please don't say that, it's not nice". What he should have said was something along the lines of "question my military service again and I'll stick the business end of an M-16 up your ass, asshole". He can't stand up to a McCain henchman in June and yet he will stand up and fight in October? Yeah that'll work out real well. McCain and the rest of the RINOs out there just don't get. You don't bring a knife to a gun fight.

As for questioning Obama's patriotism, not much to that either. He is patriotic using the modern definition. For the MTV crowd patriotism means blame your country for every ill in the world. It means being anti-military. It means assuming your country is always in the wrong and your enemies are in the right. It means deferring to the UN instead of Congress. It means allegiance to international law over US law. Using those modern measures, Obama will be the most patriotic president ever.

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