Thursday, July 10, 2008

Phil Gramm for Prez

It was nice to the good Senator call a spade a spade. Americans are a bunch of whiners. He hit the nail on the head. But of course that is a cardinal sin for a politician. The second those words came out of his words, the MSM went into hissy-fit mode and now he's the worstest person in the world.

Americans have gone from a country full of independent thinkers to a country full of people with their hand out waiting for the government to throw them some money. Take out a $480K loan on a $20K salary? Not your fault. You want a government bailout. Weigh 300 lbs, smoke and eat at McDonald's every day? Not your fault you're in piss poor shape. You demand the government pay for your health care. Drop out of high school and now make $7 an hour at Walmart? Not your fault. You try to unionize and destroy the one company that will pay you anything for your "skills" which amounts to breathing. You drive an F-250 and can't afford to fill it up? Why it must be someone else's fault and you complain about the big bad oil companies.



Anonymous said...

Americans should stop whining and start the revolution. Instead of standing idly by while the powerful continue to accumulate more and more wealth, leaving the rest of us to struggle for the scraps, let's stop whining and stand up and take back what's been stolen from us. That's right, stolen, by powerful interests manipulating our government, powerful business leaders taking the vast majority of the rewards earned by their hard working employees. It's not universally true, many businesses and their leaders are doing it right. They can join the rest of us in taking back what's ours.

Ed said...


I wouldn't put it quite so harshly but I agree somewhat. There are forces at work that are screwing things up. But I don't think it's some conspiracy. It's dirty politicians working for themselves but by themselves. Example: Chris Dodd, Democrat senator from Connecticut. He gets money from Countrywide. And then he writes a bailout bill for Countrywide. The media is silent of course.

And how will the people of Connecticut fight back? Re-elect Dodd by a huge margin. Congress is at a 9% approval. And what will happen in November? 95% of politicians will be elected, some of them with 90%+ of the vote. Americans love to bitch and WHINE about their politicians. Then turn right around and vote for the same bunch year after year and then wonder what went wrong.

As for employees not keeping enough. Sorry. Totally disagree there. Employees are not there to keep profits. They are there to provide a service for a set wage. If you don't like being an employee, start your own business and keep all the profits you want. We don't need class warfare anymore.