Sunday, August 3, 2008

Hollywood Liberal Hypocrite #44718

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. (AP) - She might be known worldwide as the Material Girl, but there's more than a little of the small-town Michigan girl left in Madonna.

The pop superstar arrived in this northern Michigan resort town Saturday to introduce her documentary, "I Am Because We Are," a highlight of the Traverse City Film Festival. The event was co-founded by filmmaker, author and fellow Michigan native Michael Moore.

Hundreds of fans cheered from behind barricades as Madonna, wearing a black dress, high heels and sunglasses, stepped out of a black sport utility vehicle that pulled up in front of the State Theatre. She hugged a waiting Moore, who sported an orange baseball cap, and posed for photos with him.

Come again now? She got out of an SUV. Hmmm. Is this the same Madonna who once claimed to be a super enviro-nazi:

But Madonna insists, following her involvement with Saturday's (07Jul07) Live Earth event, she has been forced to re-evaluate her stance on climate change.

Her spokesperson says, "Madonna's agreement to sing at the Live Earth event is merely one of the first steps in her commitment to being environmentally responsible.

"She is educating herself and her family and has begun to make changes around her that reflect her awareness and concern for the future of the planet."

Just like Al Gore, yet another liberal hypocrite that for some reason is adored by the unwashed masses. Hey Michigan, I got some news for you. When Al and Madonna are done saving the earth, the end result will be an unemployment rate of 40% in your state when all cars are banned and we're all left biking around. But don't let that distract you from the circuses being put on by these people.

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