Monday, August 4, 2008

Watching the news Americans won't watch

After a hard day of doing the work Americans won't do, illegals across the land also watch the news Americans won't watch. Spanish newscasts are numero uno in NY and LA. And if you read far down enough you'll see how the Spanish tv stations are registering their viewers to vote. Are you paying attention Juan McAmnesty? Do you care Jorge W. Arbusto? Is saving 4 cents on a lb of tomatoes worth it to you?

USA 1776-2009


Anonymous said...

Hi Ed, good to see you back with the posts after the lengthy silence. (painful for daily readers) Here's a question-slash-criticism for your post here. Only citizens can register to vote. So what is the message you are trying to impart, exactly? That citizens of the country, because they are naturalized, shouldn't have a great influence at the polls? Wouldn't you agree that it's part of what makes the country great and is also part of the history of the U.S.?

Anonymous said...

Glad you're glad I'm back.

Well with regards to the citizenship issue, it's no that cut and dry. I have no issue with naturalized citizens voting. However I question the citizenship status of those people in the story.

To become a citizen, one has to take an English exam and pass. So if naturalized citizens can speak English, then why do they need translators from Spanish TV to help then register to vote? And why are ballots bilingual? OK sure, not everyone will be fluent in English. But if you can pass the citizenship test, you know enough English to navigate a voting booth. The fact they need English assistance to vote indicates to me they are not citizens and are voting illegally.

I've lived in 3 states and in each 3 there was no proof of citizenship required to register to vote at the DMV. You say you're a citizen, and you get registered. No questions asked. The requirement might as well not even exist since it is never enforced.

Only 50% of Americans vote usually, so I guess this is just one more example of illegals doing the work Americans won't do.