Sunday, September 28, 2008

ACORN gets your money

Has anyone heard of an outfit called ACORN? Probably not since the MSM has been silent on the matter. ACORN is a "community organizing" kind of thing. It registers voters - including felons, illegal alines and the dead. It is funded by and for the Democratic party. Barrack Obama worked for ACORN for some time in Chicago during his "community organizing" days. And ACORN is under investigation or under indictment for voter fraud in several states right now.

Some links to this dreadful organization:

Their work in Missouri where their members were arrested for vote fraud. Hmmm when else has Missouri been in the news lately? Oh yeah I remember now. Obama has instructed sheriffs in Missouri to arrest anyone they think is telling "lies" about Obama. Awesome plan really. Arrest your opposition and get your former employer to register non-existent voters. Absolutely brilliant strategy. Not to be outdone, their west coast members were even more criminal in Seattle and they were arrested too.

A good summary of all the ACORN fraud so far in all the states can be found here.

Why is this important or relevant for the bailout bill? Because up to $100M of the proceeds received from the MBS sales via the bailout will go to....anyone, anyone, Bueller?...that's right ACORN. Yessir, $100M of tax payer dollars going to fun the ex-employer of Barrack Obama which has been proven again and again to be a criminal organization.

Minority Leader's comments on the issue:

Washington, Sep 27 - House Republicans have made clear that they will fight for an economic rescue package that protects the interests of families, seniors, small businesses, and all taxpayers. And as discussions continue in order to forge an agreement that reflects these principles, the American people are taking note of a left-wing giveaway Democrats are pushing to force taxpayers to bankroll a slush fund for a discredited ally of the Democratic Party. At issue is the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now – better known as ACORN – an organization fraught with controversy for, among other scandals, its fraudulent voter registration activities on behalf of Democratic candidates.
And putting aside the voter fraud, Bush and Paulson along with McCain and the rest of the stooges in the GOP supporting the bill are sending a $100M check to an organization whose sole mission is to destroy the Republican party. And what the hell is this crap about fighting for families, senior and small businesses? This is a giveaway to Henry Paulson's pals at Goldman Sachs, where he used to work.

So to recap the government will spend $700B (so they claim I say it's more like $2T). That money will benefit the Treasury Secretary's ex-employer, Goldman Sachs. It will also directly benefit Barack Obama's ex-employer. Can you say Banana Republic everyone? You expect this kind of graft from Central American countries. You don't expect it from the US. At least not out in the open like this.

Someone posted a comment earlier criticizing me for not watching the debate. This bailout/ACORN deal pretty summarizes it all. Obama worked for ACORN. McCain supports giving ACRON $100M. Paulson worked at Goldman, he writes the bill that boosted Goldman's market capitalization over $1B last week. McCain wrote the amnesty for illegals bill. Obama gladly supported it as did Paulson/Bush.

Obama will raise my taxes to pay for his bullshit programs. They will have no effect on me. I am not a welfare receiving lowlife nor a government worker nor a union thug (which all fall under the same category of welfare recipient when you really think about it). McCain will raise taxes to spend money that will have no effect on me since I am not the CEO of an investment bank nor a "victim" of the housing crash nor an illegal, illiterate alien doing the job Americans won't do. Both of them, along with Bush/Paulson couldn't care less about me. They are both bought and paid for by groups that also couldn't care less about me.

So exactly what do I gain from watching these two debate for two hours? And exactly what do I gain if one or the other wins? Heads they win, tails I lose. Why even bother flipping the coin?

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