Sunday, September 21, 2008

Can you count that high?

$700B more tax payer dollars down the tube. Which will really end up being twice the estimated amount when it's all said and done. That is in addition to the $300B for Freddie/Fannie, $85B for AIG, $30B for Bear Sterns, $150B for the stimulus and the $300B for the original bailout from June. Can anyone even count that high? We're talking close to $2 TRILLION dollars.

Step back a second and think about that number. 2 trillion.

2 thousand billion dollars.

2 million million dollars.

Someone earning $50,000 a year would need to work 40 million years to earn $2 trillion.

With $2 trillion you could stack dollar bills to the moon. Twice.

That's how much money the federal government has just wasted in the span of a few months.

And what for? So the typical American could go on a spending spree of houses he can't afford, cars he can't afford, TVs he can't afford and vacations he can't afford.

But now all will be well right? Bush and Paulson have leapt to the rescue and we're OK. Good times are here again. Your once $500K home which is now worth $200K will jump back to $500K. Now is a great time to buy!! Given the average IQ of the American voter, that is probably what they are thinking now. Better go buy that shiny new F-150 with the low low financing. And better get all the extras too. The 19" chrome wheels, the 1000 watt stereo, the V8 with 10,000 lbs towing. If you don't, you're not a real American man. And so what if you make $35K a year? You can afford it. After all remember Bush said it was your patriotic duty to buy something after 9/11. Well, the same applies this time around. If you don't go out and spend 110% of your income, you're just downright un-American.

Despite what Bush and the incompetent media is tell you, at the end of the day house prices will continue to crash. The original RTC was supposed to save housing prices. It existed from 1989 to 1995. Look at a price of housing between 1989 and 1995. The more the govt tried to prop up housing, the more housing fell. Even with all the printed money they can muster, the govt cannot fight against supply and demand. It might as well try to fight gravity. Not that the average American understands any of this. As long as Charlie Gibson and Katie Couric says everything is fine, well everything is fine. And lots of "experts" on the tee-vee think all will be well. The same experts who said there would be no housing crash. The same experts who said the economy is sound and we have nothing to worry about.

Of course the criminal actions of Bush and Paulson are nothing even remotely close to what America used to be. It used to be a place where hard work was rewarded and the bad guys were punished. Now the CEOs of Goldman Sachs (which Paulson used to be) make $250M salaries creating a meltdown. Instead of being arrested and sent away to jail for 25 years, they given a blank check to the tune of $700B.

And just wait until the Democrats start getting their payoff money. The banks have been taken care of they will say, what about the "average person"? And so look for another $500 billion in spending over the next week in some form of stimulus package with new govt checks coming in the mail for one and all. Except I probably won't get one since a) I make too much money and hence I'm rich and b) I'm not a deadbeat piece of shit.

You'd think that someone, somewhere in government would stand up and say, WHOA! let's slow down here. Nope. This thing was written up in a couple of days and will be passed. By the end of this week Hank Paulson will have his $700B charge card ready to go. The markets will be up another 2000 points and the bonuses at Goldman Sachs will be back into the 8 digit mark soon enough.

The final result of all this will be the title of this blog. This country will be so indebted that eventually whatever semblance of democracy there is left will break down. Either a fascist or a communist revolution will happen and you will be slaves of the state. Not a matter of if but when. This week was just the begining of an all out government takeover of society. Fascism and communism are really two sides of the same coin. Totalitarianism is coming, only a matter of what label gets placed on it. Your debt will become your enslavement. I hope the enjoyment you had driving your Hummer bought with the heloc was worth the hell that will be coming down the line.

It would really be amazing if in 20-30 years my kids will have to travel across an ocean to fight in a great war against fascism. Except that the ocean will be crossed from east to west and the continent liberated will the American continent. If you think that is far fetched, examine which continent on average is less government controlled today. Which continent controls $5T worth of mortgages? Which government just gave its executive branch complete control over the financial market? Which government allows the ex-CEO of Goldman Sachs to give Goldman Sachs a $700B wet kiss? Which government writes legislation in the middle of the night without any debate or oversight? And which government writes that legislation with explicit language that says no courts shall have the right to overturn any of the legislation? It's not the Europeans. It's George Bush and Hank Paulson. Read the full language of the bill and see for yourself.

Chairman Mao said, the journey of a thousand miles starts with one step. The US has taken a lot of these steps and is well on the way.

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