Thursday, September 18, 2008

Et tu

You can't even check the weather without being slammed by political bias from the left. On there is a "weather poll" which asks if today's recession is worse than the one after the tech bubble burst. I guess along with cold fronts and barometric pressure, recessions now make up the weather. And once again proving the financial illiteracy of the American populace, 70% say this recession is worse. Amazing how much power the MSM has to distort people's very own experiences and make them think they are worse off now than 7-8 years ago. I guess the post 9/11 near meltdown of the economy never happened.

Here are the results of the poll.

I do have to give credit though for acknowledging that the early 2000s recession was indeed caused by the tech bubble collapse and not because of Bush's evil tax cuts. But even suggesting that a 20% drop in stocks this time around and a 70% drop last time around is anywhere near the same ballpark shows where their beliefs lie. And the fact they frame the issues as causation, ie market collapse causes recession, shows that a weather website should stick to predicting the weather and not venture out of its lane. But then again the person who wrote this poll question most likely went to a publik skool and was taught that the Great Depression was caused by the 1929 stock market crash, one of the greatest myths of our time. That myth is only second to the myth that FDR fixed the economy by creating Social Security and other wonderful socialist programs we are stuck with today draining trillions of dollars from the economy.


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