Friday, September 12, 2008

I remember now

With all the Palin boo-ha-ha around, one can almost forget why one can't stand McCain. The thorn in the side of conservatives for the past 10 years showed his true colors again yesterday.

In a spirit of "bipartisanship" (ie when conservatives give up 90% and liberals get 90%) McCain said he would suspend campaigning in honor of 9/11. Aww how touching. You have Obama running scared and what do you do? You lay off him for a full day while his henchmen are in full force trying to dig up dirt on Palin. Think Obama would have done the same had he been on offense?

And not to be outdone, word comes out today that McCain has offered Obama a cabinet position in his administration. Maybe it can be treasury and we can get the 70% marginal tax rate Obama is promising after all. How about Immigration? Both McCain and Obama share the same views. Amnesty, amnesty and more amnesty. Talk about BIPARTISANSHIP! Or better yet, maybe Sec. of Defence. Iraq is pretty much wrapped up, we don't need a military right? Hell why not go all the way and create a new department just for him...Department of Advancing Socialism A Little More Each year. Obama would be perfect.

Just when I think to myself, hey McCain isn't so bad after all, he comes right back to remind me why I couldn't stand this man all along.


Nancy Swider said...

I cant stand him either, but I think Palin's great and Obama scares me, so there we are. Over at my blog, I talk about Sarah's interview with Charlie Gibson and what she needs to do to get better. I really think she is key for McCain, without her, I would still vote for McCain but not with enthusiasm.

S said...

oh come on Ed, it was an unbridled insult to offer Obama a position in his cabinet.

Ed said...

Perhaps, but I think McCain is "bipartisan" enough to mean it. Seeing how the post-RNC poll bounce is quickly fading, may all be a moot point.