Saturday, September 27, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen, President Obama

I was holding out some kind of hope that the debates would wake up the zombies in America to the dangers of electing a quasi-Muslim communist, raised on the streets of Jakarta. For some reason McCain and the rest of the incompetent GOP has ignored the fact that he is a) a Muslim and b) a communist. Instead they have spent the last few weeks figuring out how to outshine Obama on #2 and take the country down the path to communism themselves via the $2 trillion bailout.

I didn't see the debate, but from the analysis I've read, sounds like at worst Obama did so-so, at best he kicked ass. The debate was essentially more similar lies from Obama without any counter punch from McCain. Kind of like the entire campaign has been. McCain insists on bringing a knife to a gun fight while Obama brings Stinger missile. Obama deserves to win.

At the end of the day, 2008 was going to be a liberal year no matter what. The foolish American is easily marketed to and will believe any lie. Buy a car for only $199 a month!! Never mind that it's $199 for the rest of your life. Sure you can afford this $750,000 house on a $45,000 salary. Just refinance in 2 years. Dear sir, I am pleased to announce you have won the Nigerian Lottery. Barack Obama is a centrist politician who will lower taxes for 95% of people and "fix" the economy.

For the typical idiot American, that sounds as plausible as anything else. The average American can't even name the VP of the country. The average American thinks if he gets a tax refund, it means he pays no taxes. Such an imbecile becomes putty in the hands of a smooth talking con-man like Obama The Roman Empire fell because it got too lazy. The American empire fell because it got too stupid.

For a while I buried my head in the sand and thought if McCain won, it would be OK. But it has become increasingly obvious that strategy isn't working. At heart McCain is a liberal as well. His actions this past week ended any illusion I had. A few true conservative Republicans had the fortitude to stand up to Bush and say no to the bailout. What does McCain do? Runs to Washington in an effort to quash that effort in an effort of BIPARTISANSHIP. Well fuck you McCain, I don't want bipartisanship. I want to not pay 60% of my income in taxes to bail out people. I'm pretty sure Cindy's $300M fortune won't be too affected by this bailout. But when my taxes double, I will be quite affected. And that is a wee bit more important to me than whether or not Democrats and Republicans get to be friends in Washington.

On balance McCain is still the better option. Obama's goon-like tactics (hacking Palin's email, threatening TV stations if they run ads, spamming radio stations that have anti-Obama guests on) are downright fucking scary indeed. I'm hoping when he does become president there will be more scrutiny on him and even the liberal MSM won't stand for that kind of thuggery.

But the American people have spoken. The Democrats cheated fair and square and they won. If there is actually an election in 2012, maybe the GOP can get its shit together. I say if there is an election, because I can see a national disaster looming in the next 4 years. A terrorist attack, a complete meltdown of the economy or a Cat 5 hurricane hitting Miami. President Obama would have no qualms declaring martial law, suspending elections and of course 'temporarily' confiscating guns for the safety of the public. Call me paranoid if you want, but you know very well it's not that far fetched.

My advice to everyone reading is get citizenship somewhere else as a just in case. It's easier than you think. In many European countries, as long as you have just one grandparent who was from the old country, you can get citizenship there. Australia and New Zealand have very liberal immigration policies, especially if you are white collar sort of worker. Exchange as much of your $US into foreign currencies, mix it up, some Euros some Swiss Francs, some Yen, some Yuan. If you think owning a gun might be helpful in the future, buy that gun now while you still can. Buy a couple and strategically place then out of the reach of the Obama thugs who will be coming to look for them.


Anonymous said...

OK, Ed, First of all, you need to be watching the debates. Are you off your g.d. rocker? It's a damn hour out of your life and you are starting to look as guilty as the morons you are pointing fingers at, illiterate and non-english speaking, or not.

Second, McCain was part of the group of Republicans that stood up to Bush on the bailout. FYI.

I'm not trying to put you on the defensive here or be pro-McCain, i just think you are way stirred up and need to calm down. Obama did not hack into Palin's email. It was the son of a state legislator, some weird kid playing around.

Don't let your very astute blog devolve into crazy baseless accusations, esp when you aren't doing important things like watching the debates! or we won't be able to recommend it to people anymore as a place for good commentary!

Whose reviews of the debates were you reading/listening to? MSNBC said it was more of a victory for McCain and Obama agreed with him too much while McCain came out looking much more experienced that he did. Personally I appreciated Obama's gracious style.

Ed said...

Obama or his campaign obviously didn't hack into her email. They're too smart to do something like that themselves. But it was part of his machine's effort. I have a very hard time believing it was just "some kid" who decided to do this.

This is part of a pattern. Same as the way he is threating to revoke licenses of TV stations for running NRA ads critical of Obama.

And even more alarming the way he is instructing sheriffs in Missouri to arrest anyone who says a "lie" about Obama. So yes I am stirred up that the most likely future president is using tactics used by Stalin and currently used in N. Korea. You're damned right I'm stirred up and you should be too.

He obviously has no qualms about ignoring the 1st amendment. Once the 1st is gone the other 9 are gone too.

Obama voted to ban all handguns while a state senator. He didn't vote to limit sales or restrict sales. He voted for a full ban on the sale and manufacture of all hand guns. Again, you're damn right I'm stirred up. And if you believe in the right to own a gun, you should be as well.

I didn't watch the debates, not because I couldn't take the time. But because these things are always a waste of time. They are never debates but a set of gotcha questions meant to embarrass the candidates for mispronouncing the name of the deputy assistant of agriculture in Pakistan or something like that. And then that is spun as evidence that the candidate is unfit to lead. And that candidate 99/100 times is the Republican candidate.