Wednesday, September 17, 2008


And there goes the election for McCain.

The polls have made a 180 over the past three days with Obama in the lead once again and gaining momentum. Americans being the morons they are will now vote for Obama so he can wave a magic wand and "fix" the economy. The economy is is not really all that broken but just slightly bruised. The economy that could be roaring again in 12 months if it were just left alone from the stupidity of government employees like Paulson and Bernanke. Not that the rubes out there have even the foggiest clue of what's happening.

It's no wonder liberal Democrats never want to fix the education system. If publik skools taught anything other than gay studies, enviro studies and "white men are evil" studies, people might have a clue about the world around them. Instead the unionized teachers of the country churn out millions of illiterate clueless high school graduates.

These people are the perfect Democrat voters who think making rich people poor makes poor people rich. And they are multiplying at alarming rates. It will be fun to watch these idiots descend into hell over the next 8 years from abroad.

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