Sunday, September 28, 2008

Paul Newman

Wow, the MSM is in over drive about Paul Newman's death. No surprise there as Newman was one of the most rabid Democrats in a rabidly Democrat town. He wasn't just your run of the mill liberal Democrat who talked the talked. He walked the walk too.

He gave money to Obama.. And to Chris Dodd, the liberal Democrat who got a cheap loan from Countrywide in exchange for writing the first mortgage bailout bill. He also gave money to Al Franken, the guy who wrote the Saturday Night Live skit implying Sarah Palin's husband had sex with her daughter. What a swell guy! Not to be outdone he also gave money to Howard Dean's campaign. YEEE HAAWWW!!

Other illustrious losers Newman supported: John McGovern, John Kerry, Ralph Nader, John Anderson, Hillary Clinton and Gore Vidal. The same Gore Vidal who is convinced Bush/Cheney orchestrated 9/11.

So while you are reading glowing reviews of Paul Newman, keep in mind the other side of him. A radical leftist supporting the most radical campaigns of the past 40 years.


Anonymous said...

A friend got pit passes for an Indy Car Race at Mid Ohio Raceway and Paul Newman was there walking around the pits. This is going to sound odd, but the second I saw him I thought he was dying of aids. He looked like an emaciated walking corpse and was aloof as hell. This was a long time ago ... back in '96 or so. I don't know how he's held on for so long. I did like him as an actor and was unaware of his leanings ... and the fact that he supported al franken really sickens me. franken is one of the biggest creeps on the planet.

Scott said...

Yeah what a low life, donating over $250M to charities over the years. I am sure all that money went to the Democratic party. Like his donations to the Canary Foundation for cancer research (no its not how the Republican party is a cancer to society) or the Hole in the Wall Gang... another completely unworthy cause to build camps for kids with serious illnesses.

It's funny how you make no mention of this.... but I can understand why you have to slam anyone that has a 5 degree of Kevin Bacon seperation to the Democratic party.

Oh and maybe, just maybe the MSM is "praising" him in death was because he was a hell of an actor.

Ed you should consider renaming your blog to conspiracy theory... or you could just call it Edliver Stone (in honor of the leftist conspiracy theorist Oliver Stone)

I think you should also go investigate that kid that hacked Palin's email acct and prove the connection with the Obama campaign. You might just win a Pulitzer prize.

Ed said...


I didn't mention it because every newspaper and every TV station and every web news outlet has mentioned it. However nobody mentioned what I mentioned. Wonder why that is? When Charlton Heston died about the only thing mentioned was his involvement with the NRA.

Here is how CNN reported his death:

"He was president of the National Rifle Association from 1998 to 2002, a role that cast him as a conservative."

Cast him as a conservative? WTF does that even mean?

Here is how the AP saw it:

"Better known in recent years as a fierce gun-rights advocate who headed the National Rifle Association, Heston played legendary leaders and ordinary men hurled into heroic struggles"

So Charlton Heston's politcial views are front and center in his obituary. Paul Newman's aren't even mentioned. But there's no bias in the media, not sir.

If you truly believe "that kid" had nothing to do with the Obama campaign, so be it. Common sense would say otherwise.

I suppose the instructions to Missouri sheriffs to arrest anyone who dares to criticize Obama is all a conspiracy theory as well. The newscast from a St Louis TV station was a fake. As was the letter from Obama's lawyers to TV stations threatening to revoke their licence is they dare air anti-Obama ads.

If you think none of that matters, fine. I think it does and worth noting.