Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tax cuts for those that pay no taxes

I expect liberal Democrats to champion tax cuts for the middle class. Liberals have this notion that the poor oppressed middle class pays taxes while the fat cats sit around lighting cigars with $100 bills. Of course the truth is the middle class pays no taxes, at least at the federal level. A family of 4 earning $50K - the median household income nationally - pays $0 federal income taxes.

The fact that economically illiterate Democrats want to give a tax cut to those who pay no taxes is understandable. Yet for some reason, many on the right stick to this silly notion as well. National Review is part of that group. Either the editors don't know what middle class means or they have no idea of how the tax code works.

The fact of the matter is, only the "rich" pay any taxes. Therefore by definition any tax cut, whether big or small, is a tax cut for the rich. The poor and middle class get a free ride and then have the gall to complain when those that pay the bills get some tax reliefe every now and then. This is one of the many Democrat constituencies, along with government leeches...I mean employees that depends on the government for its survival. These are the people who 100 years ago would have starved to death, having no marketable skills to offer an employer.

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