Thursday, September 25, 2008

Those experts

For the past two weeks - ever since this financial "crisis" was made up by the MSM - I have heard a parade of experts discuss it. These experts almost all unanimously favor the $2 trillion bailout proposed by our Great W Leader.

Well they are experts so if they say it's a good thing it must be a good thing, right? Not even close. They are "experts" that also happen to work at financial institutions. The same financial institutions that stand to benefit from the bailout. And also the same financial institutions that thought lending $720,000 to an illegal alien making $15K a year was a prudent business move. If these assholes are such experts, why in the world didn't they use their expertese to stop this kind of lending in the first place? And the same experts that have for years now said the housing bottom was just around the corner.

How's all that working out for everyone? I sure hope you weren't silly enough to take the expert advice and invest your money according to their idiocy.

And today we get this little gem showing once again that so-called experts don't know a damn thing.

The department said new requests for jobless benefits for the week ending Sept. 20 increased by 32,000 to a seasonally-adjusted 493,000, much higher than analysts' expectations of 445,000.
Only off by 11%. Thanks for the expert analysis there boys.

And the "expert" I love to hate the most is Dave Ramsey. This swindler who wraps himself up in religion has a show on Fox Business (surprise surprise) and a syndicated radio show. He is still playing his pump and dump scheme. This real estate agent still tells his callers that real estate is a great buy and every day they don't buy real estate, they're losing money. I would love to have him take a call from one of his kool-aid drinkers who took that advice and bought a house 3 years ago in Las Vegas or Phoenix. But you see, Dave only takes calls from minions that worship him and hence nobody dares challenge his lies and deception.

He also sells books, tapes and goes on tour charging people $100 to see him in person. And the fact that he has millions of followers, proves P.T. Barnum right once again. If you want to have a good laugh listen to his show some time. You will be amazed at the stupidity displayed by the callers. And even more amazed at the advice he gives. To me it's like a train wreck listening. I know I should turn it off, but can't help myself.

A close runner up to Dave is Larry Kudlow. Larry is a supposed conservative who has yet to meet a government program he doesn't like. Not any government program though. Only the type that helps Wall St. But Larry goes even a step further. He claims that this latest bailout is a net positive and will make the government lots of and lots of money.

Dave, Larry and every other expert have been wrong at every turn over the past 3 years. Everything they predicted has been wrong. And yet both of them still have a TV show offering expert advice. Only one conclusion: Americans are morons.

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