Friday, October 17, 2008

Mentally challenged man forced to vote for Obama

A nice preview of Obama's rule...

His family was shocked, but what shocked them more was that Jack claims that his aide commandeered his vote."They told me to vote for Obama, I said no I wanted to vote for McCain," said Jack Justice, a voter.

Hey Sen. McCain, is this another example of why we shouldn't fear an Obama presidency? Is this yet another example of why you respect Obama so much? Is this what you meant when you said you admire Obama's skills and energy last night in New York City?

When you're done praising Obama on a daily basis, you might want to start looking into voter fraud. That is if you don't think doing so might offend your pal Barry. I know you are all about bipartisanship and all that. But come on, did you really spend 5 years in a POW camp only to have the basic notions of fair elections taken away by your opponent? Don't you think 'COUNTRY FIRST' includes fighting this kind of stolen electioneering?

You said you would rather lose an election than lose a war. Great rhetoric. How about not giving a shit what the NY Times says about you in return for not losing the country?

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